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UNITED STATES continued...

Lot Symbol CatNo. Lot Description CV or Estimate
4124 ogOc   UNITED STATES & WORLDWIDE GROUPING. Three large boxes with plenty of glassines, couple of small stockbooks, FDC's Part ,1 &, 11 Scott Internationals containing mint &, used 1040-1949, with useful Germany. Also present some US including about 1000 US FDC's. Varied condition but worth a look. 300-500

SOLD for $450.00
Will close during Public Auction before May-14, 01:59 PM
Lot Symbol CatNo. Lot Description CV or Estimate
4125 ogOc   imageCONFEDERATE STATES EXHIBIT COLLECTION. Nice collection mounted on exhibit pages containing 10 different Confederate ,stamps, shades or varieties, mostly mint and 14 covers, ,six are stampless most with handstamp ratings, ,Eight with Confederate singles or pairs, usages mostly from Virginia and South Carolina with one POW cover, an interesting collection, great for further expansion, most are F-VF. (Image) 1,500-2,000

SOLD for $1,600.00
Will close during Public Auction before May-14, 01:59 PM
Lot Symbol CatNo. Lot Description CV or Estimate
4126 ogOc   CANAL ZONE BALANCE. Useful mix of stamps and covers, postal stationery, postcards, ephemera, etc., note (mint unless otherwise indicated) ,2 on cover, 3 used, 7-8. 58 (2), 59 mint and used (4), 84b (PF cert), 117b (2), J12-17 used (2), J24 used plate block (2), UX4 used, etc. covers include censored, Byrd related, ,hoard of J25-26 philatelic covers, etc., usual mixed condition, VG-VF. 600-900

SOLD for $2,100.00
Will close during Public Auction before May-14, 02:00 PM
4127 og/nh,   CANAL ZONE COLLECTION. NH, hinged, tropicalized O.G. and regummed. Some highlights include: 14 block, 54, 57, 58, 59, 81, 94, J3, J12 and ,J14. Some occasional faults, VG to VF, mostly Fine and better.ex-Rueger 600-1,000

SOLD for $1,300.00
Will close during Public Auction before May-14, 02:01 PM
Lot Symbol CatNo. Lot Description CV or Estimate
4128 ogOc   DESIRABLE DANISH WEST INDIES COLLECTION. Approx. 215 stamps and 8 covers arranged and annotated on homemade pages and nicely enhanced with some varieties and multiples plus the condition is far better than typically seen, numerous better as (mint unless otherwise noted) 1-2 used and unused, 4 used and unused, nice assortment of mint and used Numerals incl shades and inverted frames, 7c bisect covers (4 incl advertising cover), 14c, 18c bisect cover, 24b (Nielsen cert), 24c, 31-39, 40a pair NH, 43-58, 51-58 blocks of four (bottom stamps of each NH), J1-8, etc., generally fresh and F-VF, well worth a close look, owner&rsquo,s Cat. Value $12,000+ 4,000-5,000

SOLD for $3,500.00
Will close during Public Auction before May-14, 02:01 PM
Lot Symbol CatNo. Lot Description CV or Estimate
4129 ogO, c   HAWAII COLLECTION 1853-1899, Mostly complete collection of 129 stamps, mint and used ,with only a few early stamps missing with several of the early stamps signed by experts. Some unused ,(no gum unless noted) include: 6, 8, 9, 11, 15, 19, 23-26, 28a, 32 (o.g. hinged), 47 (o.g. hinged), 50 (o.g., hr), 52C (o.g. hinged), 63, 64 (o.g. hinged), 72 (o.g.), 73 (o.g. hinged), R9 (part gum), R10 ,and ,used include: 21, 22 (2003 PF Certificate), 27, 28, 49, R6. A few faults, centering ranges from VG to VF, overall ,a well presented collection of this popular area. Viewing is suggested to truly appreciate. 5,000-7,000

SOLD for $5,750.00
Will close during Public Auction before May-14, 02:02 PM
Lot Symbol CatNo. Lot Description CV or Estimate
4130 ogO, c   PHILIPPINES 1899-1945 COLLECTION, From U.S. Possession to Japanese Occupation, includes 212 (NH), 219, 223-23A (used), 224 (o.g.), 225 (used), 237-38 (used), 239 (no gum), 241-54, 261-74, 289D (NH), 340-53 (LH), 433-46 (LH), C1-6 (o.g.), C9-13 (o.g.), C14-15 (used, each with PF Certificate), C18-28 (o.g.), E1 (LH), J7 (o.g., thin) and more. Some mixed condition, VG to VF centering. Mostly complete collection with many elusive items. 3,500-5,000

SOLD for $2,200.00
Will close during Public Auction before May-14, 02:02 PM
Lot Symbol CatNo. Lot Description CV or Estimate
4131 nh   U.S. TRUST TERRITORIES MNT NH COLLECTION, 1984/92. Mostly complete for Marshall Isl, Micronesia and Palau in a set of hingeless pages, generally VF, owner's Scott $1,275 400-500

SOLD for $325.00
Will close during Public Auction before May-14, 02:03 PM


Lot Symbol CatNo. Lot Description CV or Estimate
4132 nh, c   COMPREHENSIVE UNITED NATIONS COLLECTION, 1979/2010. NY, Geneva and Vienna almost complete NH singles and blocks (incl mini-sheets) ,for the period plus approx. ,2,650 UN official cacheted unaddressed FDC with some duplication incl combos, with a large portion being from the European offices, also incl postal stationery, souvenir cards, etc., in 15 Scott albums plus seven cover albums, fresh and mostly VF, huge original cost. 1,000-1,500

SOLD for $1,300.00
Will close during Public Auction before May-14, 02:04 PM


Lot Symbol CatNo. Lot Description CV or Estimate
4133 c   imageSPECTACULAR WORLDWIDE POSTAL HISTORY COLLECTION AND ACCUMULATION. A mammoth holding with thousands of covers and some stamps, some of the countries with strength in Pacific rim ,with some of the ,larger groupings from Belgian Congo(80+), German Colonies(10+), Gilbert &, Ellice(15+), ,Guadaloupe(40+), ,Hong Kong(10+), Lundy(10+), Malaya(10), Pitcairn(50+), Samoa(10+), St Helena(15+) many sent to Latin American countries, Solomon Islands(10+), Tannu Tuva(3) one to Brazil, Tahiti, ,Tonga(10+) including Naval Eclipse, additionally there some from Liberia, Falklands, Ascension, Galapagos, Manchukuo, China, Yemen, etc there is a nice small group of POW covers, some United States including Confederate and Local Post, in all a holding that really needs to be viewed as there is immense value to be found, Fine-VF. (Image) 5,000-10,000

SOLD for $6,750.00
Will close during Public Auction before May-14, 02:05 PM

A fantastic range of about 500 covers virtually all from the ,19th century to WWII, crammed in a bulging volume loaded with interesting material. Some of the highlights include French classics with an original correspondence, through to Mersons also to China, then excellent French WWI inc. section of well-traveled covers mostly from 1916 with 'pas pour le secteur postal', 'inconnu', 'retour a l'envoyeur', 'inconnu a l'appel des vagmestres', 'la destinataire n'a pu etre atteint a l'adresse indique', etc, also red/white/blue illustrated WWI propaganda covers, followed by a cover with contents from January 1918 with biplane illustrated writing paper and envelope of military flying school. Further France with a wonderful postcard from the first decade of the ,19th century designed for a petition to lower the postal rate to 10 centimes from 15cts, showing the lower charges of Germany, Austria, Hungary, Belgium, Great Britain, Netherlands, Luxembourg and Switzerland on illustrations of their stamps and urging people to send it unfranked, plus colorful labels on French covers inc. Le Mans issue commemorating Wilbur Wright on covers. Further good European material includes Portugal, Eastern Europe, Rhodes stamps used on Italian 30cts brown Victor Emmanuel III stationery, Belgium with a 1945 advertising postcard for language-learning records , Denmark windmill se-tenant blocks of four on registered cover February ,12th 1937, ,19th century again with classic German States with huge potential, as well as lots of Third Reich inc. colorful philatelic concoctions of occupations and Hitler and Hindenburg defins with se-tenant labels, often in combination with Vichy France and other multiple frankings, propaganda cards, etc. through to the Allied Occupations. There is also a strong Finno/Russian WWII correspondence including Karelia and propaganda with and without stamps, with an exceptional range of 'Kenttapostia' fieldpost handstamps with many permutations reflecting the logistic necessities of this frontline war. Scattered throughout the hoard is attractive material from other parts of the world, such as a page of Guatemala ,19th century bisect covers, philatelically inspired nevertheless beautiful, Japan Chrysanthemum on illustrated side of postcard, early US flight covers, and much, much more. The retail value here will clearly run well into five figures, although hardly anything has been priced due to the way it was acquired from collections and mixed lots over the decades in auctions and privately. A great opportunity for show or eBay dealer looking to find fresh material, most of which has been off the market for two to three decades. Should be viewed carefully as we found many of the best items buried under other covers.



SOLD for $5,000.00
Will close during Public Auction before May-14, 02:05 PM

A very interesting range of material sent to the same addressee in Canada, virtually all commercial mail from KGV to early QEII, with much registered as well as good OHMS, including KGV multiples etc. Some of the better countries taken at random include South West Africa bilingual pair used from the department of posts and telegraphs with 2 x 4d, ie 8d rate to Canada (of course), Somaliland Protectorate with KGVI currency surcharges with 2/- on 3rps as well as 2/- on 2rps (surprising). Also a further Somaliland from places such as Hargeisa Town, KGV Somaliland in blocks of four 1/2anna and 1anna totalling 6 annas to Canada this time from Berbera. Other countries include good Seychelles postal stationery to rps values inc top value 5rps KGVI, better Hong Kong inc blocks of 4 KGV 4cts and 1ct making 20ct rate on registered money order letter to Canada througth to HK QEII first defins with seperate $2 and $5 on registered covers, excellet Gilbert &, Ellice Islands inc registered from Ocean Island, similar block of 4 KGV 1penny mauve also registered from Ocean Island, even stampless official mail 1928 etc. Further better countries include Ascension KGVI 5/- registered and earlier KGV 5d , badge registered single usage etc etc. The above is just to get a flavor of what is here with a range from Antigua to Zanzibar, several dozen covers all written up and described on old fashioned home made album pages - please note on the reverse of the covers due to the heavy mounting there are small ,tape marks on the 4 corners, on minor significance to this excellent collection of BC commercial mail. Falklands Islands very impressive, as well as Papua lakatois officials including perfins and registered early multiples, also early New Guinea stampless, 'returned to sender' etc. A wonderful collection.



SOLD for $2,300.00
Will close during Public Auction before May-14, 02:05 PM
4136 c   BRITISH COMMONWEALTH BETTER POSTAL HISTORY, 145 items from an old time collection with focus on pre KGVI period (only a couple of QEII) with a plethora of unusual, scarce an to ,rare usages from many of the more popular areas like several Cyprus to better destinations, Antigua DOX, Malta negative seal 1/4d paid, , Malaysia (including due and insured label usages), early Tonga, St Helena updated ,stationery with KEVII value believed to be on blued paper, Mauritius 1901 to Indochina, double heads on three ppcs, Zululand (2), Aden, Seychelles due, 1890&rsquo,s Grenada to Russia, early 1900&rsquo,s items to Crete, censors (HK), Basutoland 1901, 1908 Ceylon commercial to Riga, Russia, better Indian States, Palestine RLO with due stamp, Fiji better ppcs and a couple scarce towns, several BEA, missent items, items to Bermuda, mixed country frankings (6), Pacific and Caribbean items, better ppcs, etc, true original lot with good resale potential! Fine-VF. 2,000-2,500

SOLD for $2,000.00
Will close during Public Auction before May-14, 02:06 PM
4137 c   WORLDWIDE COVER ASSORTMENT. Approx. ,575 covers in eight binders, spanning the globe from Europe to Asia to Africa to the Americas incl some US, primarily 20th century with most pre-1950s, in leafing through the albums we note airmails and flights incl Clipper, advertising, censored, personal and commercial mail, later philatelic covers and FDC, useful Mexico, GB ,and Japan, Christmas Island "Cocoanut Plantation" local on 1936 cover to USA, few Tonga "Tin Can Mail" covers, GB 252-57 cacheted FDC, Canada 1930s first flights group, etc., usual mixed condition, VG-VF, view to appreciate. 2,000-3,000

SOLD for $1,700.00
Will close during Public Auction before May-14, 02:07 PM
4138 c   WORLDWIDE POSTAL HISTORY ASSORTMENT. Over 250 covers/cards from Argentina through Yugoslavia described and priced, retailing between $5-$130 with strong Austria, Latin America, Hungary, etc., generally F-VF, great selection for the traditional or on-line seller. 1,800-2,400

SOLD for $1,050.00
Will close during Public Auction before May-14, 02:07 PM
4139 c   EUROPE COVER AND FDC ASSORTMENT. Approx. 70 mostly better 1920s/70s (few later) covers with most in the $25-$75 retail range and incl Albania 41-46 FDC (Peters cert), Sp. Andorra 1972 Europa FDC (2), Austria B110 tied by boxed WIPA cancels, B269-71 flown FDC, Bulgaria C5-11 registered FDC, Danzig 241-53 set tied by special cancels on unmailed envelope, Greenland 10-18 FDC, 19-27 tied by Holsteinsborg 5-5-1945 cancels on unmailed envelope,  ,Iceland 273 FDC (2), C4-8 FDC, Italy 130-32 FDC (Raybaudi cert), Liechtenstein 238 FDC, 356 FDC, B1-3 FDC, Luxembourg 272-77 cacheted FDC, C16-20 set on exhibition cover, Russia 1964 "Green" Olympics S/S, Spain B14-18+CB1-5 set on cover, Vatican City 155a FDC, etc. plus nice group of 1950s Netherlands cacheted FDC incl B214-18, some usual minor faults but overall F-VF, outstanding retail potential for the on-line or traditional retailer. 1,500-2,000

SOLD for $4,500.00
Will close during Public Auction before May-14, 02:08 PM
4140 c   WORLDWIDE POSTAL HISTORY ASSORTMENT. Several hundred covers collected over many years with great variety from stampless to modern, some of the more interesting noticed ,include Galapagos(1939 &, 1957), Tonga(1932 incoming, with five 1937 ,and later), 1912 South Australia, Tahiti Due, French IndoChine, Persia, Kos-Aegean Islands(2), South Pacific with Solomons, Gilbert, Papua &, N.G. etc, Pigeon and Parachute mail, Early Flight covers, Postage Dues, Late Fee, Italian States, Zeppelin Mail, etc, must be viewed for full appreciation, F-VF. 1,500-2,000

SOLD for $4,250.00
Will close during Public Auction before May-14, 02:08 PM
4141 c   WORLDWIDE POSTAL HISTORY WITH PARTICULAR STRENGTH IN POSTAGE DUES ESPECIALLY EARLY U.S. Excellent holding of well over a hundred covers from the ,19 TH ,century onwards filling a substantial volume, put together by a collector who clearly had a love of postage due material, especially into and from the US. Highlights are a War Department official stationery envelope with the 'penalty for improper use' and 'official business' notices crossed out in pen, additionally endorsed 'U.S.A.T. "Buford"' and date in blue, sent from Gibraltar on ,21st ,November 1900 with QV 2 1/2d ultra applied (and probable fraudulent use by the postmaster of 10cts US postage due stamp showing prior cancels!), most unusual. Then interesting bisect items from the 1920s-&rsquo,30s inc. 1935 Kentucky local cover with the irregularly placed 1/2ct brown Hale seemingly unnoticed and bisect of the 1ct due and additional postmarks applied, as well as 1925 cover from Serbia with multiple franking and Austrian postage dues applied. Chinese items including 1923 1 1/2ct blue &lsquo,junk boat&rsquo, stationery attractive tri-color combination with 2cts green and 1/2ct brown sent from Shanghai with Minneapolis pre-canceled 3cts postage due pair applied, plus 5cts red violet 'junk' pair used on 'Navy YMCA Chefoo China' envelope, as well as better covers include many redirected covers inc. 1930 2cts Washington stationery envelope with French 60cts green strip of three and Swiss 40cts dues applied, as well as 2cts Washington envelope this time sent across the Atlantic twice with France 60cts green strip of three and then US 3cts pair, also interesting stationery of the criminal investigation department Glasgow with KGV 1/2d green perfin pair and Austro-Hungarian dues applied, excellent dead letter office material with used official stationery of the 'Post Office Dept. Division of Dead Letters', etc. More material from Italy, Brazil, Argentina, Panama, Australia and States, South Africa, etc. A fascinating collection that must be seen to be appreciated, with so much more here than described. A great opportunity to buy an important area of postal history. 1,200-1,800

SOLD for $1,000.00
Will close during Public Auction before May-14, 02:09 PM
4142 c   WORLDWIDE ZEPPELIN AND FLIGHT COVERS PREMIUM SELECTION. 28 1920s/40s covers with many still on original sales or auction cards, includes Zeppelin Danzig 1933 So. America Flight card, Germany C32-34 plus C36-37 to oversize 1928 America Flight cover, Iceland C9, 11 on 1931 Iceland Flight cover, Liechtenstein 1936 No America Flight (2), Russia 1931 Polar Flight imperf set on two flown Polar Flight cards, Flights Denmark 1930 Robt. Svendsen Copenhagen-Malmo with flight label tied, Newfoundland 1932 DO-X flight with C12 franking (3), Trinidad and Tobago 1931 DO-X flight, etc., usual few minor faults, Fine group. 750-1,000

SOLD for $2,100.00
Will close during Public Auction before May-14, 02:09 PM
4143 c   BRITISH COMMONWEALTH PREMIUM FDC SELECTION. Approx. ,90 mostly FDC with many still on the original sales/auction cards, note Cyprus 183-97 set across four FDC, Gibraltar 132-45 set across four FDC, GB 275 FDC, various 1930s/60s mostly cacheted, Iassorted Jersey/Guernsey 1943/44 issues FDC, reland 85-86 blocks FDC, Leeward Isl 10 strip of six on FDC, 11 pair and strip of four on FDC (APS cert), Malaysia-Selangor-Jap. Occup. SG J90-91 FDC (APS cert), North Borneo 244-58 set across two FDC, Tristan Da Cunha 1-12 set across three reg ,FDC (Sismondo cert), some typical minor faults in the earlier issues, generally fresh and F-VF. 750-1,000

SOLD for $1,600.00
Will close during Public Auction before May-14, 02:10 PM
4144 c   WORLDWIDE FDC AND COVER ASSORTMENT. Approx. ,105 mostly FDC of the 1930s/80s with good number Latin America, some Liberia, Philippines Jap. Occup. period, etc., highlights incl Argentina 459-66 FDC on UPU delegate envelope, B1-5 FDC, B11 cacheted FDC, Brazil 609-11 FDC to Canada with postage due added, Sp. Morocco 176-91+E6 set on FDC, Sp. Sahara 62-64 cacheted FDC, UN 38 FDC (both printings), US 647-48 set tied by unofficial SS Pres, Monroe cds and posted at sea to Kobe Japan, etc., usual mixed condition, most F-VF, well worth a close look. 500-750

SOLD for $900.00
Will close during Public Auction before May-14, 02:11 PM
4145 c   MILITARY POSTAL HISTORY GROUP. Well over 100 covers nearly all dealing the the history of Wars, great majority with Censor marking, Seals, Labels or Tapes, there are covers from WWI, WWII, the Boer War, Vietnam War and from all Continents, several Italian Military cards, Russian censors, British, Airmail, Red Cross, if it had to do with a War it may be here, viewing highly suggested, Fine-VF. 500-750

SOLD for $375.00
Will close during Public Auction before May-14, 02:12 PM
4146 c   AIRMAIL FIRST FLIGHT COVERS, MOSTLY KLM OR NETHERLANDS RELATED. Several hundred covers with nearly all being first flights from 1930s to more modern, a few signed, great majority originate in Netherlands(some with syncopated perfs) ,or Netherlands Indies, though there are Australian and New Zealand ,including "Fairh in Australia", "Mac Robertson", "Trans-Tasmanian", also noticed Zeppelin flights, 1934 Amsterdam-Batavia Crash Cover, small group of U.S. including FAM22, Thailand, Scandinavia and set of 7 1928 Ntherlands Olympic cards, viewing recommended as this consignment came from ,a long time ,KLM employee so there may be some real sleepers among these, Fine-VF. 500-750

SOLD for $1,300.00
Will close during Public Auction before May-14, 02:12 PM
4147 c   GERMAN FELDPOST POSTAL HISTORY, MOSTLY ONE FAMILY CORRESPONDENCE WITH CONTENTS, The Gabriel family archival correspondence primarily World War ,II with around 900 to 1000 letters, overwhelmingly covers with the vast majority having their contents intact, as well as earlier family correspondence. We note POW material from England, Canada and Czechoslovakia, colorful WWI brigade and battalion handstamps including imperial eagles in rose, blue, violet and green, even WWI feldpost cards in red and black with flag illustrations including one produced in conjunction with torpedo manufacturers, as well as luftfeldpost covers, interesting cachets such as 'Franc de Port - militaires etrangers dans le Pays-Bas', propaganda cancels, through to WW2 in profusion. This is a thoroughly fascinating holding that would be a most worthwhile project, including many to research including translations and map documentation during the various campaigns, ideal for a linguist to decipher the events as experienced by one family at war, with considerable satisfaction in piecing together the jigsaw puzzle that this correspondence represents. 500-750

SOLD for $600.00
Will close during Public Auction before May-14, 02:13 PM
4148 c   POSTAL HISTORY SPACE COLLECTION, THE FINAL FRONTIER, An extensive holding of over 500 covers in two large volumes, virtually all one of a kind, concentrating mainly on the space race period of the 1960s and 1970s, with a fabulous array of cachets covering all aspects of launches, missions, recoveries, etc. The Russian astronauts are also well represented, as well as covers of Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria, Germany, Argentina, Vietnam, strong US and more with a broad range of material. Many of these covers are now scarce and this collection would be difficult to replace in today&rsquo,s market, please inspect. 400-500

SOLD for $525.00
Will close during Public Auction before May-14, 02:15 PM

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