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AUSTRIA continued...
Lot Symbol CatNo. Lot Description CV or Estimate
4249 nh   AUSTRIA MINT NH COLLECTION, 1946/2000. Almost complete in three Lindner hingeless albums, includes 1945 Styria overprints incl perf varieties and mostly signed, 1946 Renner sheets (a perfect set!), 1950/53 Bird airmails, etc., fresh and mostly VF, an impressive and colorful collection.ex-Rueger 2,200-2,600

SOLD for $2,300.00
Will close during Public Auction before May-14, 03:30 PM

An extremely attractive collection with as far as we can see never hinged throughout, housed in a KaBealbum from the diagonal 'Osterreich' overprints onwards including the 1, 2, 3 and 5rm in corner marginal blocks of four mint never hiunged (Michel# Va/Vd, with accompanying Albert Matl certificate, as well as a receipt from Heinrich Koehler dated ,7th ,March 1977 showing that the collector paid 1200dm at that time just for these). Further good material includes the second 'Osterreich' vertical overprints again complete mint never hinged, signed by Gisbert Zenker and accompanied by his certificate. Yet more material with certificates for the late 1940s in this comprehensive collection from various experts such as Ferdinand Begusch, Dr. Marterbauer, as well as accompanying invoices from the 1970s from auction houses such as Loth and Dr. Derichs, the latter with the Renner imperfs that this collector then paid 649DM in 1977 again mint never hinged. There are no empty spaces as far as we can see and the collection includes everything you would expect, such as the birds airmails of 1953 as well as all the semi-postals inc. voting emancipation 1950, costumes set definitive complete mint never hinged inc. key value 1sk carmine, postage dues back of the book, etc. Perfection at your fingertips, faultless.


SOLD for $1,600.00
Will close during Public Auction before May-14, 03:31 PM
4251 O   AUSTRIA SPECIALIZED 19th CENTURY CANCELS COLLECTION. 174 mostly different neatly arranged and annotated on quadrille pages with each stamp/piece recipient of a clear legible cancel, sorted by areas with Bohemia ,(53) incl Unter Berkowitz on 1863 5kr, Dwischau on 1867 5kr, Krnsko on 1890 5kr, Carinthia (4), Carniola (Krain) (5) incl Gorenjavas on 1867 2kr cut square, Dalmatia (4), Galicia (13) incl Niepolomice on 1883 5kr, Rudki on 1850 3kr, Kustenland (10) incl Romans on 1850 3kr, Moravia (16) incl Wollein on 1867 5kr, Niederosterreich (6) incl Mank on 1867 2kr, Oberosterreich (5), Styria (4) incl Zeltweg on 1883 10kr, Leoben on 1867 5kr, Banat of Temesvar (2), Tirol and Voralberg (6), Wien and Vorstadte (3) incl Wien (reg) on 1863/64 3kr, Hungary (17) incl Kis Varda on 1863 15kr, Marczaly on on 1860 5kr, Transylvania (3), Banatisch-Servische Militargrenze (1), Lombardy-Venetia (11), all identified and classified based on Mueller's Handbuch der Entwertungen von Osterreich und Lombardei-Venetien, condition much better than usually seen, generally F-VF, , a real "collector's collection" and ideal for continuation. 1,000-1,500

SOLD for $625.00
Will close during Public Auction before May-14, 03:33 PM
4252 ogO   AUSTRIA STOCK. Mostly mint to 1990s issues arranged on stock sheets in eight volumes, 19th cebtury issues mostly used, 20th mostly mint with numerous NH and with some of the better 1930s and 1950s sets, note (Scott nos., mint unless otherwise noted) 562 NH (6), 568-71 NH (2), 595 NH (2), B93-98, B100-05, B132-37 used, C29 NH, C46 NH (3), C57 mint (4) and used (2), C58 mint (3 incl one NH) and used (6), J156-57 (3), etc. plus some foreign offices, Bosnia &, Herzegovina, etc., usual mixed condition, most F-VF. 500-750

SOLD for $1,000.00
Will close during Public Auction before May-14, 03:33 PM
4253 P   AUSTRIA "BLACK PROOFS" ACCUMULATION. 500+ ,mounted on the appropriate information sheet still in the registered covers from the Austrian post office (many attractive frankings) and most with English translations included, note commems, definitives, charity issues, etc., incl premium, Very Fine. 500-750

SOLD for $450.00
Will close during Public Auction before May-14, 03:34 PM
4254 og/nh   AUSTRIA ECLECTIC ASSORTMENT. Various mint sets and singles incl numerous "back of the book" and better as 1854 1kr perf 18 1/2, 405-24 NH, J1-9 NH (2), P11a-14a NH, PR2-3 (signed Diena), PR4 (signed Bloch), N10 (signed Brun), Offices in Crete 4-7 NH, etc. plus some WW II locals, generally F-VF.ex-Rueger 400-500

SOLD for $550.00
Will close during Public Auction before May-14, 03:35 PM
Lot Symbol CatNo. Lot Description CV or Estimate
4255 ogOc   IMPRESSIVE BELGIUM COLLECTION, 1840s1950s. Three Safe hingeless albums with numerous inserted pages for covers and specialty items, premium galore incl (mint unless otherwise noted) 1849/63 "Epaulettes" used incl shades and covers, 1866 1c Grey imperf used (signed Kohler), 1875 5fr Leoplod used (2 incl one with roller cancel, each with small fault and APS cert), 1911 1c-10c "1911" and "CHAERLOI 1911" ovpts, 1912 1c-5fr Albert (5fr also used), 1915 5 "FRANKEN" on philatelic cover, 1918 1c-10fr Red Cross ovpts, 1919 1c-10fr Albert, 1921 50c Exhibition sheet of 25, 1924 5fr Exhibition sheet of 4, 1928 Anvers Ovpt set on philatelic cover, 1929 Orval Abbey Cornerstone ovpts used (5c, 10fr PAS certs), 1929 10fr-100fr Albert deluxe sheet (COB LX1), 1931 Exhibition sheet, 1932 Cardinal Mercier plus same with "COLLEGIO CARD. MERCIER" ovpt, 1932 WW I Soldiers, 1933 Orval Abbey, 1933 Anti-TB used, 1934 75c Veterans Fund sheet of 20 NH, 1934 Anti-TB mint and set on cover, 1937 1.50fr/20fr Leopold deluxe sheet (Dutch inscriptions), 1935 Exhibitrion sheet mint and on cover, etc. plus useful airmails with flight covers incl five 1932/36 Zeppelin flights, postage dues incl "T" ovpts, Telegraph mint or used, precancels, German Occupation, etc., usual mixed condition but better than typically seen, generally fresh and F-VF, well worth a close look. 10,000-15,000

SOLD for $7,500.00
Will close during Public Auction before May-14, 03:35 PM
4256 og/nh   BELGIUM MINT COLLECTION, 1865/1939. Nearly all NH sets, singles, S/S, etc. in three nicely filled hingeless albums, numerous premium incl 1866 1c imperf, 1869 8c Numeral NH, 1869 10c-1Fr Leopold II ,(less 40c) NH, 1883 10c, 20c 50c Leopold II NH, 1884 20c Leopold II NH, 1905 10c-2fr Independence Anniv (most NH), 1911 "1911" and "Charleroi" ovpts NH, 1915 1c-10fr Pictorials NH (10fr fingerprints on gum), 1919/20 1c-10fr Albert I NH, 1924 5fr Exhibition sheet NH, 1925 Anniversary NH, 1928 Orval Abbey NH, 1929 10fr-100fr Albert I NH (both printings), 1930 Antwerp Exhibition sheet NH, 1931 1fr-10fr Albert I NH, 1931 Brussels Exhibition sheet NH, essentially complete after 1932 incl the premium Orval Abbey, exhibition sheets and charity sets, excellent quality throughout, F-VF or better, a quality collection sure to please the "fussiest" of collectors.ex-Rueger 6,000-9,000

SOLD for $5,500.00
Will close during Public Auction before May-14, 03:36 PM
4257 ogO   imageBELGIUM STOCK, A very intense original stock of thousands of mint and used stamps from the first issues to about 1950, much never hinged, densely crammed on old stock pages. Duplication is nowhere excessive with generally no more than five of each issue. We took the trouble to expand only half of one page of the seven pages here and just in this section alone we found: more than 20 imperf classics inc. 1849 epaulettes #1 and #2 both collectable four margined copies, then 1865 1fr violet used (#22), the Leopold II issues with 5 francs sound used 1878 pale brown example with near-perfect centering and no discernible faults, signed by Richter (#39a), as well as a mint 5fr deep red brown of 1875 with pin hole hardly detracting from the appearance and otherwise in extremely fresh condition with vibrant color (#39). Then follow comprehensive 1893/1900 issues with se-tenant labels including two used examples of the 2fr lilac on rose (#74), one with a particularly neat cds cancel, leading on to first semi-postals with '1911' o/ps complete (#B9/B16), 'Charleroi &ndash, 1911' complete mint and used (#B17/B24), etc, etc. The rest of the material continues in the same vein with the vast majority in complete series, with loaded lines of better semi-postals to the 5fr mint and used and other back of the book inc. WWI occupations Eupen/Malmedy o/ps series complete to the 10fr, parcel posts and chemins de fer, etc. This has been broken down from many collections bought over the years with two or three tip-top quality comprehensive collections appearing to be the backbone of the stock, the vast majority being in excellent condition despite the inevitable occasional faults in the classics. This is such an intensely valuable lot with good series packed on top of each other making a difficult viewing. Please leave time for a careful inspection as there is so much more here than first meets the eye, offered intact as received. (Image) 4,000-5,000

SOLD for $2,400.00
Will close during Public Auction before May-14, 03:37 PM
4258 ogOc   imageSTRONG BELGIUM COLLECTION TO 1930s.

Very comprehensive mint and used collection, neatly presented in three old fashioned Behrens albums with few empty spaces from classics through to the modern era, including epaulettes 1849s complete with two #1s, one four margined and the other just touching at corner, then the second series with 40cts having enormous margins all round, complete third series imperfs, 1866 1ct gray imperf good used etc, leading on to early ,20th ,century with 1911 Charleroi semi-postals complete used, the 1915/20 series complete inc. 'Franken' 5fr blue, 1919/20 'helmets' complete superb used, 1925 double-portraits complete mint, 1930 Antwerp Exhibition souvenir sheet used, 1932 and 1933 tuberculosis semi-postals complete mint, 1935 Frank von Taxis souvenir sheet mint never hinged etc etc.Tip-top quality virtually throughout and completely uncataloged. The tin-hat series complete used is the best quality we have ever seen. Please inspect carefully every page, much more here to discover.



SOLD for $1,900.00
Will close during Public Auction before May-14, 03:38 PM
4259 nh   BELGIUM MINT NH COLLECTION, 1940/59. Essentially complete in two hingeless albums incl the desirable 1950s charity sets and S/S, also includes some postage dues, officials ,and 1945/parcel post, ,superior quality throughout with pristine o.g. (no fingerprints!), F-VF or better, ideal for the quality-conscious collector.ex-Rueger 1,500-2,000

SOLD for $1,500.00
Will close during Public Auction before May-14, 03:38 PM
4260 ogO   BELGIUM AND COLONIES COLLECTION. To 1997 in a Scott album, useful mostly used classics section and then mixed mint and used through the 1950s, mostly complete mint after 1960 incl charity issues, note some better as (Scott nos., mint unless otherwise noted) assorted mostly used "Epaulettes", 121 used, 172-84 used, 221, B17-24, B69-83, B99-105, B123-24, B458a, B460-66, B468-513, B515-20, B538-60, B506a, etc., also includes a starter collection of Belg. Congo and Ruanda-Urundi, usual mixed condition esp. in 19th century issues, most F-VF. 1,000-1,500

SOLD for $950.00
Will close during Public Auction before May-14, 03:39 PM
4261 og/nh   BELGIUM MINT ASSORTMENT. mostly NH 1940s/70s sets, singles, S/S, booklets, etc., numerous premium incl 162-69 NH, B45 NH, B46, B437-41 NH, B460-66 NH, B482a NH, B558-60 NH, B662a NH, C12A NH, J3-11 NH, Q49 NH signed, Q54 NH signed, etc. plus 1960/71 mostly complete NH on Lindner hingeless pages, generally fresh and F-VF.ex-Rueger 900-1,200

SOLD for $850.00
Will close during Public Auction before May-14, 03:39 PM
4262 nh   BELGIUM PARCEL POSTS MINT NH ASSORTMENT. 1920s/80s sets with some minor duplication in later issues, includes Q132-38, Q174-80, Q208-15, Q388-406, Q410-12, Q437-70, fresh and F-VF.ex-Rueger 350-450

SOLD for $575.00
Will close during Public Auction before May-14, 03:40 PM
Lot Symbol CatNo. Lot Description CV or Estimate

A wonderful collection of Bosnia Herzegovina with some stamps here if not unique, certainly seldom seen, with certificates from the foremost experts in this field including Dejan Tubinovic, Predrag Zrinjscak, Bar Julij, Dragutin Marjanovic, etc. Here are hundreds of items neatly organised and written up, mint and used, housed in a Schaubek album, beginning with the November 1918 definitives complete to high values, replete with shades and an outstanding study of errors including an in-depth coverage of the broken letters in both cyrillic and roman alphabets, broken numbering, distinct o/p shades, etc, followed by postal history of the period and a study of different postmarks. Then probably the best part of the collection, certainly for scarcity, is the Hermes special delivery stamps again of course with cyrillic and Roman o/ps, with some extraordinary errors including the 2h vermilion with double overprint, showing not only the first cyrillic letter broken but also with bold offset of the double o/p on the reverse, signed Zrinjscak, possibly unique and certainly rare. Then the double o/p on 5h green signed 3 times, as well as the 5h with cyrillic o/p error and the 2h with latin o/p error (this time accompanied by Tubinovic certificate), followed by the invert o/ps again both accompanied by certificates, red o/p errors on the 5h green in both cyrillic and Roman, the latter showing yet another highly unusual offset on reverse, (both signed by Zrinjscak). There is similar detail again on the o/ps on 'wounded soldier' semi-postals, with the scarce 1916 types both mint and signed three times inc. Schlenger and Marjanovic, plus the important cyrillic o/p error on the 5h green this time with Bar Julij cert, then the 1918 types with 'wrong' languages all signed inc. cyrillic on 15h used on piece, both issues with red overprints, each with Zrinjscak certificates, etc. Then follows a fascinating extensive investigation of the Bosnian girl newspaper types with a study of private perforations, the 1918 square surcharges in multiples, errors inc. 3h on 2h ultra mint n/h pair with double o/p (signed Zrinjscak) and 5h on 6h violet mint block of four double o/ps (again signed Zrinjscak), shades and perforation varieties galore inc. imperf between multiples, extra rows of perfs, etc, followed by the 1920 circular surcharges with the complete set mint never hinged accompanied by Valdimir Fleck certificate and each signed by two other experts, plus the scarce 2h on 6h used on piece signed both by Zrinjscak and Sorani. Further highlights include inverted surcharges on 1906 scenic types complete mint never hinged (Zrinjscak certificate), registered postal history with three color frankings of the SHS/CXC o/ps on Wilhelm definitives all from the same correspondence, also 50h slate blue single usage with expertisation mark, a fantastic range of postage dues with swapped Latin for cyrillic o/ps on 1918s complete (Zrinjscak certificate), 1900/04 eagles with 'Porto' surcharges in cyrillic and Latin with range of errors inc very unusual inverted o/ps complete (Zrinjscak certificate), etc, etc. This is a truly absorbing collection and a joy to describe and view.


SOLD for $4,000.00
Will close during Public Auction before May-14, 03:42 PM
4264 og/nh   BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA MINT COLLECTION, 1879/1918. Specialized collection of mostly NH in a Lindner hingeless album with extra pages for varieties, proofs, overprint errors and varieties, postal stationery, etc., useful group of 1879 Armsincl shade and print varieties, compound perfs, 1900/01 1h-5k imperf pairs NH, 1901-04 20h-45h imperf pairs, NH, etc., 1906/12 Pictorials color proofs, compound perfs, etc., 1906 1h-5kr Franz Josef NH, 1910 1h-5kr Jubilee NH, 1912/14 1h-10kr Franz Josef (most NH) plus 1h-40h imperf pairs NH, 1916 Special Handling imperf pairs NH, 1918 2h-90h Karl I unissued set NH, etc. plus 1904 postage dues NH, etc., fresh and F-VF, excellent for continuation.ex-Rueger 600-900

SOLD for $1,700.00
Will close during Public Auction before May-14, 03:42 PM
Lot Symbol CatNo. Lot Description CV or Estimate
4265 ogOc   BRAZIL COLLECTION, 1843/2010. From the classic "Bulls Eyes" and "Goats Eyes" to the modern pictorials of the 21st century and nearly everything in between neatly arranged and annotated on homemade pages in four thick binders plus a smaller 5th binder with more recent issues, ,includes some cinderellas, revenues, telegraph, useful "back of the book", etc., premium throughout incl 1843 30r used (3), 60r used (2), 90r used (2), 1844/46 600r used, 1861 280r-430r used (3 each), 1866 20r used (Studart cert), strong 1860s/1900s mixed mint and used, 1922 200r Blue mint, 1927 500r on 10r Airmail Ovpt mint, 1940 NY World's Fair sheets mint, mostly complete mint and/or used after 1940 incl S/S and some of the souvenir cards, usual mixed condition in the classic period with most F-VF, ideal for the both the new or advanced Brazil collector. 4,000-5,000

SOLD for $7,000.00
Will close during Public Auction before May-14, 03:43 PM
4266 ogO   BRAZIL TO 1940s.

One man's collection with 1000s of stamps, mint and used mostly all one of a kind, housed in three albums. Starting off with the bullseye #2 and a selection of goatseyes and rattlesnakes eyes to 600r, followed by a wide range of Dom Pedros 1866 with high values and fancy cancels, leading through to 1878 of the same and then the smaller Dom Pedros of 1881 through to dozens of southern stars of 1891/94. Further definitives late ,19th ,century/early ,20th ,century plenty of high values and much more in the ,20th ,century with virtually all areas represented, including occasional blocks of four. The third album is dedicated to 'back of the book' with useful airpost surcharges, Zeppelin o/ps, two mint examples of the scarce watermark variety on the 1942 constitution surcharge, non Scott listed airpost surcharges on 1939/40 semi-postals (listed in Sanabria), followed by newspapers, postage dues and an excellent showing of 'deposit stamps' of the 1910s and 1920s including issues on entire documents. A very good collector's collection with much more here than described.


SOLD for $700.00
Will close during Public Auction before May-14, 03:43 PM
Lot Symbol CatNo. Lot Description CV or Estimate
4267 ogO   CHINA BALANCE. Scott album plus some Shanghai and miscellany in envelopes, circuit pages, etc., some 19th century and through issues of the 1980s, note some better as (Scott nos., mint unless otherwise noted) 1, 2-3 used, 8-9 used, 13-15 used, 23-24 used, 78, useful 1930s/40s period, 1135-36, 1257a, 1355-58 mint and used, 1441-47, occupation issues, etc., usual mixed condition, most F-VF, nice starter collection. 600-900

SOLD for $4,000.00
Will close during Public Auction before May-14, 03:44 PM
Lot Symbol CatNo. Lot Description CV or Estimate
4268 P   imageCOLOMBIA AND DEPARTMENTS, IMPORTANT REFERENCE COLLECTION WITH MANY SPERATIS, An appealing holding of more than two hundred itemsof classic Colombia, an extensive reference collection, many by Sperati, starting off with the 1861 New Granada types with four large proofs, three of which are signed in pencil inc. 10cts by him blue and 20cts red, followed by 18 Sperati singles. Then eight equally interesting unattributed reference of the 1864 third series 'oak leaves' issues of United States of Colombia, plus a 1 peso red violet large proof Sperati signed, followed by 1865s with two excellent mint strips of three of the 1 peso in two different shades, simlarly strips of five of the 1866 5p black on green and 10p black on vermilion with old crackled gum, etc. Then a beautiful series of hand-painted Liberty, Pedro Berrio and other issues of Antioquia on laid and wove papers. Other good items include well-produced printed reference examples of Tolima State including se-tenant denominations and many first issues in multiple format, extremely dangerous on original laid papers, as well as the 'miniatures' Bolivar State 10cts in green and red, appearing to be faithful printed reproductions of the originals, though on magnified closer inspection actually painstakingly exquisite hand-painted examples. A wonderful array of reference material including items that could well be essays and quite probably scarcer than the originals. Invaluable to the specialist of this area, it must be seen to be appreciated. An opportunity hardly ever available in today's market to buy such a good collection, offered intact as received. (Image) 3,500-4,500

SOLD for $2,000.00
Will close during Public Auction before May-14, 03:44 PM
Lot Symbol CatNo. Lot Description CV or Estimate
4269 nh   CROATIA MINT NH COLLECTION, 1941/44. Nearly complete in two Lindner hingeless albums and incl S/S, sheets and numerous varieties, note (Michel nos.) 24-38 (all with Stolow hdstp), 39A-40A full sheets, 47K-64K, 70-73 full sheets, 86-90 full sheets, 94-96 sheets of nine, 170-72 (each signed Diena), Blocks 1-2, 3A-5A, 3B-5B, etc., few slight bit of dist. gum, generally fresh and F-VF, excellent for continuation.ex-Rueger 800-1,200

SOLD for $2,800.00
Will close during Public Auction before May-14, 03:45 PM
Lot Symbol CatNo. Lot Description CV or Estimate

Comprehensive mostly mint collection of 100s of stamps, from the turn of the ,20th ,century first issues of the Republic onwards, on both Minkus pages and extra quadrille leaves for varieties and postal history. Better material includes a first flight cover of 1928 with advertising inc attractive illustration of hotel building, 1917/28 definitives with imperf blocks used, a cover of 1917 with all over advertising of the 'Compania Litografica de la Habana', 1928 Pan-American Conference series complete (#284/293), 1935 &lsquo,primer tren aereo&rsquo, o/p perf and imperf (#C16/C17), 1936 'Zona Franca' series complete perf and imperf (#324/331, #C18/C21), then 1937 American Writers and Artists Fund issues complete (#340/354, #C24/C29, #E10/E11), etc, continuing with hardly any empty spaces through to the 1950s. There is also much non-Scott listed material here, such as 1940 imperf souvenir sheet for the Rotary convention, an unissued series of triangular airposts for the Columbus ,450th ,anniversary, as well as lots of unusual gutter pairs and blocks perf and imperf. Further good covers too including 1940 stamp centenary on illustrated advertising cover for tobacco, etc. An excellent collector&rsquo,s collection with tip-top quality throughout and lots of attractive postal history integrated into the collection, please inspect.


SOLD for $475.00
Will close during Public Auction before May-14, 03:45 PM
4271 c   CUBA POSTAL HISTORY ACCUMULATION. Approx. 400 mostly pre-1960s covers and cards being overwhelmingly Republic period, most appearing to be 1920s/50s era, includes US Naval cancels, picture pcds with variety of scenes, various town cancels, censored, slogan cancels, etc., usual very mixed condition, VG-VF, well worth a close look.


SOLD for $250.00
Will close during Public Auction before May-14, 03:45 PM
Lot Symbol CatNo. Lot Description CV or Estimate

Collector's collection of thousands of stamps mint and used on album pages including exhibition section, as well as occasional stock pages, with parallel postal history throughout with many unusual items. There are ten packed albums of which three are particularly interesting including seldom seen material. Some highlights are ‘Cesko-Slovensky Stat’ forerunners, Hradcany imperfs 10h green, 20h red x2 (one signed Gilbert) and 30h violet, perf studies, Hradcany covers and cards inc. 5h green imperf pair marginal inscription with ‘porto’ o/ps on cover, then 'Posta Ceskoslovenska' o/ps high values as well as used on illustrated sides of color postcards, the good o/ps on Hungarian 1916 10f rose and 15f violet mint, 1918 50f violet mint (signed twice) and the 30f green and red postage due used, leading on to carrier pigeon proofs, tete-beche pairs complete inc gutter and gutter with tabs, freedom breaking chains tete-beche pairs, science and agriculture high values on cover inc. combination frankings, as well as types and perfs, etc. Then extensive Masaryk defins categorised by dimensions, perfs and watermarks, through to late 1920s 1930s loaded with gutter pairs, se-tenant labels, FDCs, souvenir sheets, all kinds of commemorative presentation sheets and booklets, non Scott listed issues on cover, etc. In fact the collection is virtually complete from the 1920s onwards along with many FDCs, souvenir sheets, kleinbogen/sheetlets, as well as better m/s such as the 1952 Bratislava s/s mint never hinged. Also noted in the back of the book albums are 1920 perf airposts complete mint, 1920 red cross semi-postals complete on cover, postage dues, officials, newspapers with private perfs, Eastern Silesia complete imperfs, Scout Posts 10h and 20h on piece, Siberian Fieldposts complete type 1, as well as Bohemia/Moravia, non Scott listed occupation o/ps, even old banknotes. Also there is an album devoted solely to postal history from the Austro-Hungarian empire onwards including fieldpost, POWs, page after page of Hradcanys inc. postal stationery and combinations, attractive multiple frankings of the early 1920s, etc, etc. The postal history alone makes this a collection deserving a thorough inspection, with about 150 covers pre 1938/39 period, of which more than 50 are Hradcanys. A great opportunity for the Czechoslovakia dealer or collectorwith much more here to discover in one man’s lifetime collection.


SOLD for $2,500.00
Will close during Public Auction before May-14, 03:46 PM

An excellent predominantly mint collection housed in two packed Scott Specialty albums, one for the regular issues and another specifically for the back of the book. This is clearly a perfectionist's collection, with virtually all the scarce material being in tip-top quality, mounted on the selvage where possible, only empty spaces where the collector could not find the condition to suit his demands. Beginning with the Hradcany issues, we note a full series to the 400h rouletted privately and a beautiful three color franking of 20h bluish green, 25h deep blue and 30h bister registered to Vienna, also colorful promotion labels of the period inc. Hermes with gymnastics equipment. This is followed by useful 1920s issues, especially high values, through extensive 1930s inc. 1937 Masaryk mourning issue cover with se-tenant label, Bratislava souvenir sheet on cover, etc. Then interesting wartime material inc. 1942 Britain-Canada-Czech label 'we shall be free again - together to Victory', 1945 coat of arms series first printing complete on registered express cover, then a later cover with special postmarks for the visit of Marshal Tito subsequently canceled, continuing (with hardly any empty spaces) through to the modern era including souvenir sheets and further promotional/propaganda items. Highlights in the second volume are the 'Posta Ceskoslovenska 1919' o/ps on Austrian stamps of 1916/18 to 10kr violet top value mint (the latter signed, we noticed a light gum crease visable only on the reverse mentioned for accuracy’s sake only), 1925 Olympics and 1926 Sokol series complete mint, first airposts complete (signed Gilbert and others), third series airpost surcharges complete on cover with various labels and postmarks, first flight and first day covers, unusual postage due material, Forces in Siberia complete mint, etc. Also Slovakia complete and much more. Please view page for page as there are many pleasant surprises throughout, much more here than described.


SOLD for $1,500.00
Will close during Public Auction before May-14, 03:46 PM

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