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Lot Symbol CatNo. Lot Description CV or Estimate

With virtually complete mint series from about 1960 to 1990, plus intense pockets of ,mini-sheets and souvenir sheets crammed together inc. Gottwald and Masaryk seen. Also other books with 1952 Bratislava used, etc, stockpages stuffed with Hradcany castles and issues of the early 1920s, se-tenant labels in mint multiples, as well as 'Posta Ceskoslovenska' o/ps, postage dues, Eastern Silesia and other back of the book, etc. Two crusty-dusty volumes are dedicated to postal history material with a very attractive and comprehensive showing of about 150 illustrated covers from the late 1940s. Much more here than described, please view carefully this last part of a very large holding of Czechoslovakia with much interesting material present.


SOLD for $1,000.00
Will close during Public Auction before May-14, 03:46 PM
4275 ogO   CZECHOSLOVAKIA OLD FASHIONED SPECIALIZED COLLECTION. Hundreds of pre-1930 mint and used stamps, virtually all different, as well as some interesting postal history. Highlights include Scout Posts used on piece, Hradcany issues with extensive perforation varieties, as well as imperf errors 10h green and 20h red used, useful range of 'Posta Ceskoslovenska' semi-postals including first series 3kr carmine rose on plain paper mint, Masaryk defins highly specialised and organised by watermarks, 1925 Olympics and 1926 Sokol o/ps complete mint, 1930s label se-tenants never hinged, etc. as well as studies of printer&rsquo,s waste, misperfs and similar material. Better items among the postal history include 1937 1.60k olive green St. Barbara's Church gutter pair registered from Niemes and an accompanying items from the same town, a cover bearing the 1938 Fugner series of three complete with se-tenant labels, all tied by large 'Niemes ist Frei &ndash, Heil Hitler' handstamp. Then from the same correspondence is the 1938 Masaryk and little girl semi-postal souvenir sheet registered from Niemes, followed by the 1937 Bratislava s/s and various stamps registered from Bratislava to the same addressee, etc. One man&rsquo,s collection, with unusual material that has not seen the light of day for many years, please inspect. 900-1,200

SOLD for $500.00
Will close during Public Auction before May-14, 03:47 PM
4276 og/nh   CZECHOSLOVAKIA MINT ASSORTMENT. Mostly NH singles, sets and S/S with issues through the 1970s and with many still on sales or auction pages, premium incl 1918 PROVISORNI CESKOSLOVENSKA VLADA ovpts cplt (4 sets, Mi 1-21, many NH and signed), 1918 CESKO-SLOVENSKY STADT ovpts cplt NH (signed Gilbert), specialized Hradcany and Masaryk definitives with ,varieties incl imperfs, B124-29 imperf NH and used, B140-43 NH, C1-6 NH signed Gilbert or mrnak, J28 block NH signed Gilbert, etc., generally fresh and F-VF, nice group for the specialist.ex-Rueger 800-1,200

SOLD for $2,600.00
Will close during Public Auction before May-14, 03:47 PM

1000s of stamps, much in complete series housed in a box stuffed with hundreds of glassine envelopes, for the most part in chronological order. There are hundreds of Hradcany first issues mint and used, then several glassines of the 'Posta Ceskoslovenska' 1919 o/ps semi-postals, followed by freedom breaking chains, carrier pigeons, lion breaking chains, science and agriculture with mint seen to 600h unchecked for better perfs, etc. followed by even more Hradcanys, extensive Masaryk types, high values, airposts, etc. through to the 1950s. Please note that this a somewhat difficult viewing especially in the glassines where there are various mint denominations of a series, with many stamps crowded on top of each other. Huge retail potential, as well as many sleepers likely from this old-time holding.


SOLD for $400.00
Will close during Public Auction before May-14, 03:48 PM

Collection of 100s of mostly used stamps housed in a Schaubek album, several examples on top of each other, especially on the earlier issues, making a challenging viewing. Starting with Hradcanys with postal history and specialisation on the perf varieties, then lots of 'Posta Ceskoslovenska' o/ps with high values on both normal and granite papers, o/ps on postage dues to 5kr blue, as well as forerunner types among these inc. 'Cesko-Slovensky-Stat' and lion on 3kr rose and 10kr violet, etc, followed by 1920 imperf airposts first series with (14k used, the others mint), second airposts complete mint, 1925 Olympics and 1926 Sokol o/ps on Masaryk defins both complete mint, se-tenant labels, etc. through to better post-WWII material such as 1951 airposts used on souvenir page, etc, etc. A desirable collection with some unusual material present, please inspect.


SOLD for $425.00
Will close during Public Auction before May-14, 03:48 PM

Mint and used collection in a well-filled specialised Schaubek album, starting with a good range of Hradcany castles with perf varieties and imperfs including the 10h green and 20h red, then dozens of 'Posta Ceskoslovenska' semi-postals, followed by lion breaking chains and mother and child issues in blocks of four with special cancels, first perf airposts complete used, second perf airposts used and mint never hinged complete, 1926 Sokol semi-postal o/ps complete used on piece, much specialisation on the Masaryk defins and castles of the 1920s, 1930 Masaryk ,80th birthday used together on piece with special cancels, useful WWII period issues and souvenir sheets, then virtually complete with no empty spaces from 1945 onwards inc. 1955 Philatelic Exhibition sheet perf and imperf mint never hinged, plus many kleinbogen including 1962 stamp exhibition, numbered proofs, etc. A very useful collection with great potential, especially on the earlier non Scott listed varieties and types, completely uncataloged.


SOLD for $425.00
Will close during Public Auction before May-14, 03:49 PM

In a Borek album, many hundreds of stamps mint and used, all one of a kind. Starts with Hradcany issues with no empty spaces, dozens of 'Posta Ceskoslovenska' overprints, 1925 Olympic Congress o/ps on cover with presumably first day cancels May 29th, Masaryk defins specialised, 1926 Sokol o/ps complete mint, then continuing with no empty spaces through to the modern era including good souvenir sheets. A very pleasing collection with tip-top condition virtually throughout.


SOLD for $400.00
Will close during Public Auction before May-14, 03:49 PM
4281 nh   CZECHOSLOVAKIA MINT NH COLLECTION, 1945/77. Nearly complete in four Lindner hingeless album and incl S/S and some varieties incl , both types 1946 Liberation S/S, 1966 Paintings sheets of four, 1975 Svoboda S/S imperf, etc., generally fresh and Very Fine.ex-Rueger 600-900

SOLD for $550.00
Will close during Public Auction before May-14, 03:49 PM
4282 nh   CZECHOSLOVAKIA 1960s/70s ASSORTMENT. Most value in art series mini-sheets with some minor duplication and incl Scott 1435-39 sheets of four (2), 1658-62 sheets of four (4), some minor faults, NH, generally frsh and F-VF (Michel &euro,1,450+) 300-400

SOLD for $200.00
Will close during Public Auction before May-14, 03:50 PM
Lot Symbol CatNo. Lot Description CV or Estimate

4 packed lighthouse albums with 1000s of stamps, mint and used, with an immense amount of specialisation material, representing one man&rsquo,s lifetimes work from the ,19th ,century stampless to Memel, to good early German Empire used in Danzig. HANSA used in 1886 and HANSA double concentric postal history as well, through to an indepth study of the stamps of Danzig. The collection focuses specifically on both the development of stamps and postal history of  ,Danzig and occasionally the collection is interspersed with coins, banknotes and ephemera, chronologically organised. The can only be appreciated with the use of a Michel as this collector has gone out of his way with the &lsquo,X&rsquo, and &lsquo,Y&rsquo, numbers, as well as scarce postal history  ,by the dozens with much commercial, so the viewer can understand the different rates during the inflation period, as well as use of German postal stationery with Danzig o/ps, in gothic and other scripts, all extensively written up and researched, etc. The collection is virtually complete in stamps with an extremely good attempt to obtain the watermark and color varieties and often parallel mint and used, much of it expertised. Also seen Port Gdansk virtually complete, again often parallel mint and used. While completely uncatalogued it will be very substantial due to the numerous specialised items here, virtually all one of a kind. A great collection, recently surfaced which will take several hours to view properly. Please study the photoplates of a few pages.



SOLD for $5,500.00
Will close during Public Auction before May-14, 03:51 PM
4284 ogO   DANZIG COLLECTION, 1920/39. Mostly mint in Lighthouse hingeless pages and incl Port Gdansk, nice assortment of varieties (shade, wmk, overprint, etc.) with numerous better as (Scott nos., mint unless otherwise noted) 20a (creased, signed), 22a (faults, signed), extensive inflation period incl numerous varieties, 200-10, B9-11 NH, B21a, C26-35, etc., usual mixed condition, most F-VF. 750-1,000

SOLD for $600.00
Will close during Public Auction before May-14, 03:51 PM

Housed in an old fashioned Behrens album with their numbered pages. While this is an excellent collection, it is not quite as good as the Memel and Saar from the same consignor. Nevertheless a most worthwhile mint and used collection, with first series complete 1920, followed by o/ps, as well as superb used airpost complete, pictorial defins complete 1921, similarly 1922 and page after page of completion through the inflation period with good material such as Scott #156 to #167, as well as the 1924/32 Langenmarkt complete and various other semi-postals and miniature sheets of the 30s, ending with a comprehensive range of DM o/ps / officials with no empty spaces in this inc #042 to #052, also postage dues #J30 to #J39 to 3gld, etc. A delightful collection to view in tip-top quality throughout, this was part of the Behrens house collection and no doubt much more here to discover with a Michel.


SOLD for $800.00
Will close during Public Auction before May-14, 03:52 PM
Lot Symbol CatNo. Lot Description CV or Estimate
4286 nh   DENMARK MINT NH COLLECTION, 1858/1946. Meaty collection in Lindner higeless album with unusually strongh 19th century (many with certificates) and extensive 20th century sets and singles, premium throughout and 1858 4s (Osper cert), 1864/65 2s, 4s Emblems (both with Osper cert), 1875/79 16o, 25o pair, 1884/1902 5o-20o "Large Numerals" with perf and watermark varieties (Osper cert for the group of nine), 1907/12 5o-100o Frederik VIII, useful group of 1913/28 Christian X incl ,25o Brown and black, 50o Claret and black, 60o Brown and ultra, 1k Yellow brown, 2k Grey, 10k, 1915 80o Surcharges (each signed Osper), 1918 27o Surcharges cplt (Osper cert for Scott 138-41), 1924 Postal Service blocks, 1927 Caravel, 1930 Birthday, 1933-34 20o-40o Caravel type I, 1935 Andersen, "back of the book" with 1921-34 Postage Dues complete (Osper cert for 1921/30 set), ,1875 Officials, 1914-23 Officials, useful Parcel Posts, etc., fresh and F-VF throughout, lovely collection seldom offered in this quality.ex-Rueger 4,000-5,000

SOLD for $4,750.00
Will close during Public Auction before May-14, 03:53 PM
4287 ogO   DENMARK COLLECTION. Four volumes with classic period through about 1980 and incl a couple of volumes of numeral and town cancels, some Greenland, etc., best volume with strong 19th century arranged by Facit number and incl variety of shades, inverted frames, ,better issues (e.g. Emblems, 1870/71 Numerals, postage dues, officials) etc., 1904-05 5o-100o used with shades, 1912/15 Post Office used (both watermarks), 1924 Postal Service blocks mint, 1925/29 10o-50o Airmails used, etc., balance of collection with useful array of multiples, town and numeral cancels, group of 1938 Thorvaldsen essays and much more, generally F-VF, ideal for the specialist. 3,500-5,000

SOLD for $2,700.00
Will close during Public Auction before May-14, 03:54 PM

A collector's collection housed on homemade pages in a substantial binder with hundreds of mint and used, from the classics onwards. The collection begins with Danish West Indies with a ,19th ,century range including 1895 10cts on 50cts used, a bisect on cover, as well as a section of early ,20th ,century mint never hinged inc. 2cts rose corner marginal block of four. Denmark starts off strongly with classics including four examples of the 'fire r.b.s.' with pale and dark shades, subsequent arms types to 8sk green with two imperf and one rouletted all used, crown and scepter to 16sk used, leading on to numerals unchecked for frame varieties inc. 16sk green and lilac used, etc. Occasional faults on the classics as to be expected. The ,20th ,century is often parallel mint and used, with useful series right through to the back of the book with semi-postals, airposts, postage dues, officials, parcels, newspapers, etc, even a little Faroe Islands including postal history. A close inspection should be made as there ,may be sleepers present, especially in the ,19 th ,century. Well worth viewing much more here than described.


SOLD for $425.00
Will close during Public Auction before May-14, 03:54 PM
Lot Symbol CatNo. Lot Description CV or Estimate

Hundreds of stamps overwhelmingly mint, housed in a Minkus album, all one of a kind. Strength is in the ,20th ,century, however the collection begins with 1879 with 1 real mint, then some arms issues, leading on to turn of the century with imperf blocks of 4, #144 to #150 which Scott says were never sold to the public, nevertheless, here they are, (presumably through a Nassau Street dealer) from the 1cts through to the 50cts virtually all mint never hinged. Then maps through to airmails from #C1 and hardly any empty spaces from the 1930s through to the modern era, with much bought on a new issue service. Highlights include the 1944 ,100th ,anniversary of Independence souvenir sheet, very low printing numbers, #407 (Scott retail a ludicrously low $110), also seen various postal history items integrated into the collection, as well as errors and varieties, giving this plenty of interest. This is a very clean quality collection with few empty spaces in the ,20th ,century and a highly recommended viewing with much more here than described.


SOLD for $700.00
Will close during Public Auction before May-14, 03:55 PM

Several 100s stamps, virtually all one of a kind mint and used, housed in a substantial album, starting off in 1880 with centavos and pesos through to 1883 with different papers on 2 francos 50 centimos on 50cts orange o/ps, through to 1885/91 inc. 'a' numbers, followed by 'maps' mint and used, turn of the century pictorials including imperf blocks of four from the 1ct to the 50cts, then a useful range of o/ps 1915 through to 1921, followed by many 100s of stamps through to the modern era including miniature sheets, se-tenants etc. Also present back of the book, again extensive in scope. Please view carefully, ,page for page, sleepers likely.


SOLD for $300.00
Will close during Public Auction before May-14, 03:55 PM
Lot Symbol CatNo. Lot Description CV or Estimate
4291 og/nh   DUBAI 1960s ISSUES MINT COLLECTION. NH collection of sets, singles, S/S, multiples, etc. neatly mounted on pages plus extra part-sheets, errors, specimens, airletters, etc., vast majority NH, fresh and F-VF, plenty of retail potential and a must-view for devotees of this country's issues. 700-900

SOLD for $950.00
Will close during Public Auction before May-14, 03:55 PM
Lot Symbol CatNo. Lot Description CV or Estimate

A wonderful collector's collection with lots of material not normally encountered, housed in a bulging Scott Specialty album and assembled with an eye for tip-top quality throughout. While the 19th century is represented by some attractive mint series and singles inc the 1899 and 1901 personalities complete, as well as unused and used postal stationery, the collector has particularly favored the early 20th century with excellent postal history into the 1930s. Highlights include a series of covers of 1919 to Chicago and New York with a variety of frankings and an appealing multiple franking registered airpost cover with 13 stamps of 11 different issues from 1908 (1 sucre black Mt. Chimborazo), to about 1928 including several 'asamblea' o/ps such as the 1ct on 1ct green, leading on to first flights and other special airpost covers of the late 1920s onwards. There is good completion in the stamps of this period with 1930 centenary of the republic complete mint, 1935 Bolivar monument o/ps complete mint, etc, through to 1938 US Constitution series FDC, advertising cover with late 1930s tobacco stamps. Then a most attractive pair of large numbered die proofs on thick card for the 1945 Sucre 1s and 2s issues printed by the American Banknote Company. The collection continues highly comprehensive to the 1990s with s/s and occasional postal history through to excellent back of the book, including semi-postals complete mint, good early airposts inc. 1928 provisional surcharges 75cts on 15cts (Philatelic Foundation cert.), 1 ½s on 30s and 3s on 60s, 1929 plane over river Guayas complete mint, further wonderful covers, 1938 surcharge with o/p double in used block of four, FDCs, 1945 40cts surcharge double, one inverted, much non-Scott listed inc. Roosevelt imperfs on cover, 'Primero la Patria!' essays on cover and o/p on reverse of 1947 30cts communications building, beautiful engraved revenues with specimen overprints inc. large alcohol tax stamps, etc, etc. Much more here to see, completely uncataloged. A fantastic opportunity to acquire one man's lifetime collection of Ecuador, offered intact as received.



SOLD for $2,000.00
Will close during Public Auction before May-14, 03:56 PM
4293 c   ECUADOR – GALAPAGOS ISLAND RELATED POSTAL HISTORY ASSORTMENT. Approx. 30 mostly philatelic covers and cards plus fifteen souvenir postcards showing Galapagos wildlife and franked with various 1973 Provincialization issue, covers incl various Galapagos markings and cancels and better as 1929 cover to Guayaquil with "Baquerizo Moreno / Islas Galapagos / Ecuador 221" and ms. "5/11-29." date, 1938 "U.S.S. Erie / Wreck Bay / Galapagos" ship cancel, two 1942/43 US APO 661 (Salinas, Ecuador) covers, etc., usual mixed condition, Fine and elusive group.  ,


SOLD for $325.00
Will close during Public Auction before May-14, 03:57 PM
Lot Symbol CatNo. Lot Description CV or Estimate
4294 og/nh,   FINLAND COLLECTION, 1858/2009. Extensive and nearly complete collection of mostly mint in three albums and a stock book, also includes Karelia, No. Ingermanland, frama labels ,and an essentially complete collection of Aland incl some later sheets, numerous premium incl (mint unless otherwise noted) 1856 10k used, useful used "Serpentines" incl 1m, 1875 32p ,used, 1877 1m used, 1885 5p-10m ,used, 1891-92 1r-7r used (10r signed Senf), 1901 10m used, 1917-29 5p-25m complete, 1930 Zeppelin Ovpt, 1963 and 1983 (Gummeson cert) Military issue NH, 1949-81 parcel post complete, essentially complete 1931-2009 ,with predominantly NH after 1955 and incl some later booklet panes, etc., usual mixed condition especially in classic period, mostly F-VF, excellent for continuation. 2,500-3,000

SOLD for $3,250.00
Will close during Public Auction before May-14, 03:57 PM
4295 og/nh,   LOVELY FINLAND COLLECTION, 1860/1990. Extensive collection of mostly NH in three ,nicely filled Lindner hingeless albums plus a fourth for Aland 1984/90, "collector selected" throughout for quality, used issues confined to the 19th century with the roulettes far better than typically seen, includes (mint unless otherwise noted) 1956 reprints of the 1856 5k-10k, 1860 10k used, 1866 10p, 20p40p used, useful assortment of mint and used 1875/89 Arms issues incl some shades, 1891 1k-7R Arms NH (3r50k, 7r signed Rudolph), 1901/11 Arms assortment (many NH) incl perf varieties, essentially complete NH after 1925 (1930 Zeppelin l.h.) with some varieties, booklets, parcel post, 1963/83 Military stamps (1963 NH and on cover), Karelia, etc., generally fresh and F-VF, outstanding foundation collection.ex-Rueger 2,500-3,500

SOLD for $2,800.00
Will close during Public Auction before May-14, 03:58 PM

Housed on two ,old fashioned homemade ,album leaves, virtually all superb used in a quality hardly ever seen today. Starting off with the #2 10kop rose imperf 4 margined with cds cancel (Scott retail a ludicrously low $360 in this condition) followed by the 'coat of arms' rouletted types with 5kp blue #4, followed by the 5pen purple brown change of currency through to 40pen rose i.e. #6, #7, #8, #9 and 3x #10 40pen with the different shades and perhaps the most magnificent example of a 40pen #10 we have seen with all the teeth and a sock-on-the-nose Jakobstad ,18th ,March 1867 cancel. While the catalogue on this section alone will run to well over $1000, it is irrelevant on 2 or 3 of these stamps as they are that beautiful.  ,Then follows type #A5 through to 2penni gray to 1m with violet various perf, inc no less than 7x 32 red key values to investigate inc different perfs and 4x 1mk high value virtually all with sock-on-the-nose cds strikes, as well as colored cancels and a most impressive range leading on to the 1885 'coat of arms' type inc wing marginal 1mk and several inc used different shades leading on to 1889/92 inc superb 5mk and 3x 10mk #45 (cat $80 each). Then the imperial arms of Russia types inc 7 rouble black and yellow #58 superb used (cat $200), as well as its counterpart the 10m black and grey Scott #69 (cat $250) etc. The ,20th ,century also useful inc different shades on the definitives, yet nothing like the ,19th ,century which is outstanding.


SOLD for $1,050.00
Will close during Public Auction before May-14, 03:59 PM
4297 og/nh,   FINLAND COLLECTION TO 2000. Neatly arranged in four stock books and incl charity/Red Cross, ,etc., often parallel mint and used with much of the mint is NH, some minor duplication and incl better as (Scott nos., mint unless otherwise noted) 23 used, 35, 46-55 used, 111-18 used, 336-338A NH (2), 414-15 NH, 836a self-adfhesive booklet pane, B9-23 used, generally F-VF. 400-600

SOLD for $300.00
Will close during Public Auction before May-14, 04:00 PM
Lot Symbol CatNo. Lot Description CV or Estimate

Well written up and researched collection, mint and used, with postal history integrated into it, in chronological order. Starting off with forerunners ,19th ,century Hungary used in Fiume and even 20th century Italy, followed by the stamps of Fiume with the non-Scott listed provisional surcharge of the 1st December 1918 with only 300 on the 20f used in large letters. Then from #1 onwards the first series with high values to #20, mint and used, including various signatures with a minimum Scott retail of $300. Also used postal stationery, as well as more postal history Hungary used in Fiume 1918, followed by the 1919 postage dues surcharges complete including scarce surcharge by hand, leading on to the good postage dues, 6f, 12f and 50f mint and used, minimum Scott retail $250. Also present a rare unlisted double surcharge of the 6f green and red #J7, accompanied by the complete series #J1 to #J12 with extra studies of hand surcharges of these issues, an impressive range. Then further postal history including first issues on cover, complete registered to 5k inc the better denominations 10f rose red and 40f olive green etc. This is accompanied by a very unusual 45 on 20f surcharge postage due, used as a regular definitive on a registered letter, from Fiume to Susak, leaving ,24th ,Jan 1919 arriving next day with Susak arriving mark on reverse. An even more extraordinary item is the self same postage due mint with 45 surcharge missing the word Fiume, only a few examples exist. Collection unfolds with Scott #27 onwards from the 2f dull blue to the 10k olive green complete, similarly with #46 to #43 with an unusual example of the top value on white paper with large margins jumbo centering used. Then further postage dues/defins used on cover again with low printing numbers, leading on to 1919/1920 semi-postals complete from #B1 through to #B16, similarly with the middle range of the postage dues etc. Also, the franco o/ps of ,10th ,October for the occupation by the Arditi Legion, as well as unusual souvenir sheet specifically for that time. Then follows a good study of the valore o/ps, similar perforation studies of the franco o/ps, etc. The valores also have imperforate varieties and setting studies etc. Further good material through to the Rappalo Treaty recognising a free city, with virtually everything here in Scott through to high values mint and used of the d'Annunzio series. Further highlights include the Carnaro o/ps complete series of 18 Scott #104 to #121 superb used with key value on piece a ludicrously low Scott retail $620 (only 500 extant), other o/ps complete #122 to #127, as well as the Veglias again complete #128 to #133, as well as Kotor espressos, further defins both Milan and Fiume printings, the Governo Provvisorio complete again with key value 1/ black superb used on piece with substantial Scott retail here as well, then the complete series again on cover! Also later studies of the postage dues again with non-Scott listed, followed by the diagonal o/ps first constituent assembly with key values, further o/ps and related Fiume collateral material. A wonderful collection, please study photoplates.



SOLD for $7,500.00
Will close during Public Auction before May-14, 04:01 PM

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