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Lot Symbol CatNo. Lot Description CV or Estimate
4299 og/nh   POWERFUL FRANCE MINT COLLECTION, 1900/40. Mostly NH in a well filled set of Lindner hingeless pages and incl definitives, commems, charity issues, air mails, S/S, etc., only a handful of stamps missing with a bevy of premium highlighted by 1900 2fr grey violet and yellow NH (Schollmeyer cert), 1925 3fr-20fr "Merson" , NH, extensive "Sowers" with most NH, 1923 Bordeaux Congress NH, 1925 Paris Expo NH, 1927 Strasbourg S/S NH (Behr cert), 1927 Air Mail overprints NH (each signed Pfenninger), 1929 Le Havre Exhibition NH (signed Brun), 1929/31 20fr Pont du Gard types I, III NH, 1936 50fr "Plane over Paris" NH (signed Dr. Oertel), 1936 50fr "Banknote" airmail NH, 1936 So. Atlantic Flight NH, 1937 PEXIP S/S NH, etc., Postage Dues (incl 19th century) with 1881/84 20c-40c NH (30c signed Calves), 1884 5fr NH (signed Brun), 1893/96 1fr rose on straw NH, 1909 50c red NH, etc., excellent condition throughout being far and away better than usually seen, fresh and F-VF, one of the best early 20th century collections we've ever seen.ex-Rueger 7,500-10,000

SOLD for $10,500.00
Will close during Public Auction before May-14, 05:06 PM
4300 ogO, og   FRANCE COLLECTION 1849 TO 2006. Housed in 6 mostly complete Lighthouse springback albums and 1 Safe Red Cross Album, used in classic period to late 1930's, then hinged (mostly LH) to approximately 1960, NH after that. Some quick highlights includes (in album order): 7 (thin), 8 (thin), 10, 16, 37 (faults), B6-9 (used), B19 (small thin), B27 (LH), B38 (LH), B39-41, C14 (used), C15 (used), 329 Souvenir Sheet (no gum), B153-7 strip (NH), J80-92, C29-32 (LH), 2713 Art Souvenir Sheet (NH) and much more. The Red Cross album has full NH booklets from 1953 to 2003 and includes B282a, B291a and B301a. As a bonus, there is an album of late 1990's mint and used duplicates. Nice collection with typical faults and VG to VF centering in the 19th century classics and mostly clean, F-VF centering.

SOLD for $4,250.00
Will close during Public Auction before May-14, 05:06 PM

Comprehensive collection housed in a Davo album. Highlights include Ceres 1fr three-margined copy tied on piece by light grid cancel, the 10cts bister 'B' under neck also used on piece, 25cts blue 'B' under neck attractive four-margined example, perf Napoleons complete to 5fr scarce sound used copy with red cancels, followed by Bordeaux issues all with four margins, with the best being the 80cts rose on pinkish, leading on to the 1900/27 Merson high values complete to 20fr used, 1922 semi-postal surcharges complete used and the sinking funds complete, 1929 Le Havre Expo o/p used, then regular issues with no empty spaces through to the 1970s with series either mint or superb used. At the back of the album are airposts with #C2 used, 1936 plane over Paris complete used to 50fr green superb, 1936 50fr used, etc. Then the 1937 PEXIP miniature sheet used, as well as strong postage dues including 1859 #J1, 1859 with 30cts black and 60cts blue (#J7, #J10), 1882/92s nearly complete including the scarce 5fr black (#J25, alone Scott retail $1,400), etc, etc. A fantastic collection approaching completion with far better quality than normally encountered, much more here than described when looked at carefully.


SOLD for $2,400.00
Will close during Public Auction before May-14, 05:07 PM
4302 og/nh   FRANCE COLLECTION, 1862/2006. In six Lighthouse hingeless albums, sparse through 1920s and then nicely filled from the 1930s with many NH, ,premium ,include ,1862 5c Green, 1923-26 Pasteur, 1924 Olympics NH, 1930 "Smile of Reims", 1932/39 "Peace" (many NH), 1934 Dove NH, 1934 Cartier NH, 1937 PEXIP S/S (stamps NH), 1947-59 Airmails NH, 1950s Portrait sets NH, generally complete and majority NH after 1935, etc., generally fresh and F-VF, ideal for continuation. 4,000-6,000

SOLD for $2,600.00
Will close during Public Auction before May-14, 05:08 PM

A wonderful specialised postmark collection with hundreds of 19th and early 20th century stamps and covers, all written-up on quadrille pages in an old-fashioned album. There is much material here that is rarely encountered, with highlights including a study of the different types of Paris experimental cancels of the 1880s with exceptional broken cds types inc. 'Place de la Bourse' on cover, then an excellent section of foreign cancels on French issues with an extensive study of the British 'Mail Boat' postmarks, leading on to Germany including a lovely combination cover of French and German stamps registered from Alsace in December 1918. Also seen cancels from Spain inc. Madrid star in diamond on 5cts green gutter pair, as well as Switzerland, etc. Another unusual section is the straight-line cancels inc. Cuvilly on 5cts sower on p/card, many fancy cancels especially red and blue etc on Peace and Commerce types, lots of different railroad cancels on covers from the 1870s onwards, as well as many different lozenge numerals, anchors, 'mute stars', thimble cancels showing Postman and District numbers, New Year's Day cancels, etc, etc. A beautifully presented collection with much effort taken by the collector in procuring unusually attractive examples, virtually throughout. A pleasure to view, with the distinct possibility of some unique items here.


SOLD for $2,100.00
Will close during Public Auction before May-14, 05:09 PM
4304 og/nh   DESIRABLE FRANCE MINT COLLECTION, 1862/1900. 41 mostly NH in Lindner hingeless pages, ,among the many notables 1862 40c "Lauree" NH (signed Calves), 1869 4c-10c "Rothschild" re-issue NH (each signed Brun), 1870 5c imperf NH, 1876 Sage 2c ,type I NH, 20c type I, 25c type II (both shades), 75c type I (signed Calves), 75c type II, 1877 Sage 3c type II NH, 1879/1900 Sage 25c yellow type II NH, 50c carmine type II NH, 75c violet on orange type II NH (signed Calves), generally fresh and F-VF, seldom offered in this select condition, view to appreciate.ex-Rueger 3,500-4,500

SOLD for $3,250.00
Will close during Public Auction before May-14, 05:09 PM

Several 100s of stamps, housed in one packed volume from the first issues onwards, representing a holding from an oldtime source. Starting off with #1 with 2x 4 margined examples, 1 cut close but clear, the other with a minute thin in the margin mentioned for accuracy&rsquo,s sake only (cat $275 each), then 20cts black, 2x 25cts blue, followed by Napoleon head imperfs with dozens of examples including 1fr high value #21, 4 margined (Scott retail $2500), thinned yet of good appearance. Also mention should be made on one of the 3x 80cts Napoleon, this one with a star cancel (#19), ,one of the more ,beautiful copies we have had the pleasure to offer &ndash, wait until you see it! Further values 1862/71 to the 80cts with several dozens of the 40cts inc Anchor cancel multiples, followed by 1863 again through to 80cts with dozens of this issue as well. Then the imperforate Bordeaux inc 4 margined 2cts #39 (cat $190),16x #41inc 4 margined (cat $125 each) with a wide range of cancels and shades, 10cts the same with 9 examples (cat $50 each), 12x 20cts, 30cts #46 with 5 examples some cut close yet all good collectable examples (cat $160 each), similarly 40cts orange #47 with another 16 examples (cat $90 each) through to the 80cts, a most impressive range overall. Then 1870/73 issues with plenty of good stamps here as well with several dozens of the 2cts many with cds strikes, similarly with the 4cts with 18 different examples some in the very best condition, also 5cts, 10cts, 15cts, 20cts inc multiples, 40cts again by the dozens often in tip-top condition, followed by the numeral 1872/75 issues with a similar range of many dozens inc multiples of 80cts well worth spending time on. Then 'peace and commerce' types galore with for example #64, 10x #66, 4x #67, 4x 68, #70,7x #72, #73, #74 and #75 with a substantial Scott retail. , Similar picture with the 1876/77 defins inc 3x #79 (cat $190 each), through to dozens of franc values, the 1880 types to 5fr top value with #94 35cts with at least 40 examples (cat $26 each) to #96 5fr violet and red lilac value including various multiples with nearly 60 examples here (cat $60 each!). Also seen 1879/90s with all the good values here by the dozens through to #102. Turn of the century also strong inc key value Mersons 2fr gray violet with 10 examples, virtually all superb (cat $60) with values to 20fr. The ,20th ,century overall is substantial with several dozens of the key values here from 'rights of man' to sower types inc Scott #241 the 5f light ultra plus 10fr carmine rose miniature sheet superb used in Strasbourg (cat $700), through to mint multiple overprints, defins, etc. The more you look at this look the more there is to discover. Our guestimate Scott retail is that it must be somewhere in the $30,000+ range including back of the book, much of which deserves further research in Yvert specialised. Quality overall is better than normally encountered. Needs lots of work, preferably with an Yvert which will pay many dividends through discoveries.


SOLD for $3,250.00
Will close during Public Auction before May-14, 05:09 PM
4306 ogO   FRANCE COLLECTION, 1849/1999. In two nicely filled Scott albums, mixed mint and used through 1950s and then mostly mint and highly complete after 1960, premium include (Scott nos., mint unless otherwise noted) 9 used (4 incl pair), 37 used, strong 1880s/1920s issues, 197, 246, useful 1930s commems and charity issues, 329 (stamps NH), B11 mint and used, B27, B66-67 used, 1940s/50s Portrait sets, C1-2, C14-15 used, C17, etc., usual mixed condition especially in classic period, generally F-VF. 2,000-3,000

SOLD for $2,700.00
Will close during Public Auction before May-14, 05:11 PM

One man's collection housed in two albums, with many 100s of stamps, mint and used, from the classics through to the modern era, starting with range of Ceres and Napoleon heads to 80cts, Bordeaux issues, peace and commerce to 5fr, Mersons to 20fr used, Orphelins de Guerre 50cts+10cts mint and 1fr+25cts used, &lsquo,le sourire de Reims&rsquo, corner marginal mint never hinged, in fact the collection has much mint never hinged in the 1930s, 1935 &lsquo,Normandie&rsquo, light blue shade mint, 1943 Petain birthday semi-postals se-tenant strip of five never hinged, 1954 ariposts to 1000fr 'Provence' complete with the two key values mint never hinged, 1957/59 airposts complete never hinged, as well as virtually all the personalities semi-postals series mint inc. 1954 Valery, 1955 Renoir, etc, with very few if any empty spaces through to the 1990s, signatures seen on better types of the Marianne defins on specialised hingeless pages, as well as useful back of the book with again much in complete series mint never hinged. Completely uncataloged, though will be substantial, please inspect.


SOLD for $900.00
Will close during Public Auction before May-14, 05:11 PM

This represents an old-time dealer's stock recently unearthed after several decades in obscurity, housed in a battered stockbook on old cardboard pages with much never hinged and loaded with multiples and 'coins dates'. Interesting areas include specimen overprints, interpanneaus with and without numbers and a plethora of shades, with many hundreds of stamps here, often crammed together and concealing hidden surprises such as sequenced interpanneau numbers stacked on top of each other, marginal advertising inc. Evian mineral water, Menier chocolate, Grey-Poupon mustard, etc. Other interpanneau numbers are collected for superb and interesting centrally struck postmarks over the gutter, also studies of cancels on piece, propaganda inc. framing labels 'Dieu Protege La France', further advertising with 'Philopode' cream for the feet of marching soldiers in original advertising booklet cover, lots of specimen overprints throughout to the 1.05fr orange red, and much more. As a vintage accumulation, the condition here is naturally a little varied with occasional small faults and toning, though it is generally far above what is normally encountered, with the majority of the mint being in tip-top never hinged quality. A real treasure-trove for the specialist, full of beautiful items that would enhance any collection, viewing recommended.


SOLD for $1,300.00
Will close during Public Auction before May-14, 05:12 PM

Post-WWII collection housed in five Lindner hingeless albums, with every space filled in the hingeless leaves, virtually exclusively mint never hinged. The illustration pages also well-filled with used and mounted mint, making this two collections in one. Better material includes (mint never hinged unless otherwise stated) 1949 stamp centenary single used (#624), 1953 sports complete (#700/705), semi-postals personalities of 1949, 1950, 1951, 1952, 1953, 1954, and 1955, (#B238/B243, #B249/B254, #B258/B263, #B267/B272, #B276/B281, #B285/B290 unused, #B294/B299), airposts including 1947 Gull over Paris (#C22), through 1000frs. Also officials, precancels, non-Scott listed, many booklets and more. The occasional minor fault but overwhelmingly pristine mint never hinged condition and super used, beautiful to view.


SOLD for $1,200.00
Will close during Public Auction before May-14, 05:12 PM
4310 nh   COMPREHENSIVE FRANCE MINT NH COLLECTION, 1940/92. In Lindner hingeless pages in four albums and incl a few later issues, virtually complete for period incl definitives, commems, charity issues incl the popular 1950s Portrait sets, airmails, dues, officials, precancels, etc., NH, uniformly fresh and mostly VF.ex-Rueger 1,200-1,600

SOLD for $1,150.00
Will close during Public Auction before May-14, 05:13 PM
4311 O, og/   FRANCE COLLECTION, 1853/2003. Mostly mint in two Scott albums, sparse to moderately filled to the 1920s and then extensive mint ,mid 1930s on with many NH, numerous premium as (mint unless otherwise noted) 1930-31 Colonial Expo, 1935 Breton River NH, 1936 Vimy NH, 1938 Ader NH, 1940-41 Surcharges NH, 1953 Sports NH, etc. plus some booklets, S/S, etc., generally fresh and F-VF, excellent for continuation. 1,000-1,500

SOLD for $1,100.00
Will close during Public Auction before May-14, 05:14 PM
4312 nh   FRANCE MINT ACCUMULATION, 1980s/2000s. Three binders with singles, sets, blocks, sheets, booklet panes, S/S, ,arranged on stock sheets ,incl definitives, commems, charity, airmails, etc., some minor duplication but a wide colorful variety and an excellent stock of modern issues with significant "new issue" cost. 800-1,200

SOLD for $1,600.00
Will close during Public Auction before May-14, 05:15 PM

Mint and used collection from Ceres onwards, housed in a Borek album with hundreds of stamps all one of a kind. Includes useful 19th century with imperf Napoleons to 80cts pair, then the perf Napoleons to 80cts, beautiful cancels on the perf Ceres heads again to 80cts, followed by extensive peace and commerce types which have considerable potential, as well as Mersons, sowers, etc. Then the collector has concentrated on acquiring mint never hinged from about 1940 onwards, especially on the B#s, also regular postage high values such as the 20fr 'Aigues-Mortes' castle mint never hinged. Highly complete from the 1950s onwards. Please inspect.


SOLD for $475.00
Will close during Public Auction before May-14, 05:15 PM
4314 ogO   FRANCE COLLECTION, 1849/1958. Mostly used in a Thiaude album with very mixed condition classic period and some better 20th century as 329 mint (stamps NH), 624 NH, B8 used, B11 used, 1948-53 Portraits mint, 1954-55 Portraits used, etc. usual mixed condition, most F-VF, excellent starter collection. 600-900

SOLD for $500.00
Will close during Public Auction before May-14, 05:16 PM
4315 ogO   FRANCE COLLECTION TO 1970s. Two volume collection with thousands of mint and used stamps, replete with complete series, starting in the ,19th ,century with dozens of Napoleon and Ceres heads with specialisation mostly one of a kind, extensive sowers, Mersons to 20fr used, into the ,20th ,century with lots of good mint singles and series inc. 1931 1.50fr blue airpost never hinged, 1938 regular high values, 'chomeurs intellectuels' semi-postals, S.S.Normandie shades, 1943 Petain se-tenants, Marianne to 100fr carmine, lots of the personalities series mostly mint, some superb used, then on to the 1970s inc. better issues such as the 1964 Paris expo stamp with se-tenant Philatec label used, etc, etc. Tip-top condition virtually throughout the ,20th ,century, ideal for a dealer to replenish stock or for a collector looking to fill many spaces inexpensively. 500-750

SOLD for $325.00
Will close during Public Auction before May-14, 05:17 PM
4316 ogO   FRANCE INTERESTING OLD MIXTURE, Thousands of mint &, used stamps mostly loose some in glassines, including some colonies, a very diverse group with some better items, worth a closer inspection. 400-600

SOLD for $260.00
Will close during Public Auction before May-14, 05:17 PM
4317 O   FRANCE USED ISSUES STOCK, 1876/1962. Commems and definitives sorted by issue into stock cards with moderate to large duplication, generally lower value but with some better issues sprinkled throughout, usual mixed condition but most F-VF, owner's Scott value $7,400+ 300-400

SOLD for $180.00
Will close during Public Auction before May-14, 05:18 PM

eleven different issues with most Art or Europa related, NH, Extremely Fine, only 150 of each issued, Dallay cat. value &euro,1,325


SOLD for $220.00
Will close during Public Auction before May-14, 05:18 PM
Lot Symbol CatNo. Lot Description CV or Estimate

A most interesting substantial accumulation of material representing a ‘work in progress’ holding, often from auction and private purchases over many years. 1000s of stamps, mint and used with album pages, as well as old approval books, stockbooks, stockcards, glassines and old auction lots, etc. There are many hundreds of items of postal history, much significant including 19th century and lots of WW1 including Russian Forces in France. There is also a batch of interesting old documents as well. This lot is quite chaotic and needs time which will pay dividends, as so much needs sorting. For example we have seen stacks of never hinged series from the 1950s and providing you work on the lot, especially the French Colonies from the 19th century onwards, you will have much more time to appreciate the depth of material here. A thoroughly recommended viewing especially for dealers.


SOLD for $1,600.00
Will close during Public Auction before May-14, 05:19 PM

When you first see this you will recognise how extraordinary it is, particularly for its diversity. Housed in one bulging volume, there are hundreds of items here including postal history, booklet panes, souvenir sheets, multiples and much proof material, with some things that even we have ,barely ever seen before. Highlights include Epreuves de Luxe with better early types on sunken card with 'Ministere Colonies' embossing, plate blocks, lots of imperfs including better 1940s France, good flight covers especially Lebanon 1920s and '30s, as well as an extraordinary flight cover of 1929 with nine different Somali Coast issues each with special overprints '1 Service Avion' and tied by 'avion' cds cancels with 'Djibouti-Addis Abeba' etiquette label. Also seen 1922 Rouen Aviation Meeting series of ten labels, interesting airpost label essays inc. double printed, further 'epreuves', including a beautiful signed item on rough sunken card of French Western Africa 30cts brown 'washerwoman', similarly signed is a 200f mosaic issue epreuve of Tunisia, also dozens of good mint series of France herself for the 1930s to '50s in glassines and on pages, as well as French Southern and Antarctic Territories material mint never hinged, and much, much more. Huge potential here, a real treasure trove for dealer or collector in French Colonies, replete and virtually all one of a kind.


SOLD for $2,100.00
Will close during Public Auction before May-14, 05:19 PM
4321 ogO   FRANCE AND COLONIES COLLECTION, From an old time collection on homemade pages with spaces for a lot of shades/ptgs, especially on the earlier material with some not listed by Scott, starting in the 1850&rsquo,s until 2000 or so, a lot used, but also mint, some good middle values, some higher values present especially in the B and C numbers, the colonies are mainly present to the 1940&rsquo,s period, with ,good individual items usually needed by collectors to fill sets like over $1,000 in St Pierre &ldquo,France Libre&rdquo, ovpts as well as some full sets. , There are some toning issues, primarily on pages, but also some of the stamps, but the majority is in very fine condition with most of the better unaffected, Ceres catalog could help discover some hidden treasures in this old time collection! Scott is about $ 7,000-$10,000, Fine-VF. 1,500-2,000

SOLD for $1,000.00
Will close during Public Auction before May-14, 05:20 PM
4322 ogO   FRANCE AND COLONIES COLLECTION TO 1957. in 2 volumes of Scott International albums, mostly mint ,with some used. The collection appears to be sparse in France and offices and mostly complete in the colonies ,and includes many better stamps. Some mixed condition, overall F/VF. A clean collection with a nice mix. 1,000-1,500

SOLD for $750.00
Will close during Public Auction before May-14, 05:20 PM

An old manila folder containing about 400 stamps and labels, the vast majority pre-WWII with an excellent range of propaganda material from WWI. Highlights including booklet of labels from the 'Ligue Souvenez-Vous' to 'perpetuate in our hearts the execrable memory of German crimes' with much text and labels showing a German as a salesman (and his former figure of bloodsoaked pillager), urging us to never forget they are the same man! Other good WWI era items are early red and blue airpost labels in the same design as the ‘orphelins de la guerre’ series of French semi-postals, colorful regimental labels, 'bon de solidarite' vignettes, PTT 5 francs 'pour nos victimes de la guerre', Joan of Arc labels, different cockerel designs for another Anti-German League, etc, leading on to 1920s red cross health and hygiene propaganda issues inc. 'giant' versions still in their red cross glassines, a wonderful series of philatelic commemorative designs showing an elegant woman with parasol looking at a giant advertsing-style Marianne perforated poster, highly visual and certainly seldom seen. Also expositions and fairs from the late ,19th century onwards, ,19th century revenues, and much more. Old-time accumulations like this are becoming increasingly hard to find today, huge potential for dealer or collector with much material that would grace any worthwhile collection of France with unusual back of the book.


SOLD for $425.00
Will close during Public Auction before May-14, 05:21 PM

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