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GERMANY - D.D.R. continued...
Lot Symbol CatNo. Lot Description CV or Estimate
4399 og/nh   GERMANY - D.D.R. MINT NEVER HINGED COLLECTION, 1948/90. Essentially ,a complete NH collection (less officials) in four Schaubek hingeless albums with slipcase, incl S/S, the better sets of the early 1950s, etc., generally fresh and F-VF. 1,000-1,500

SOLD for $625.00
Will close during Public Auction before May-14, 06:01 PM

A well-filled Minkus album with many hundreds of mint stamps as well as some good postal history, starting off with useful SBZs inc. Thuringia theater sheet, then SBZ o/ps including some on cover, followed by a 1948 stamp day FDC, Debria souvenir sheet, Bach series and others mounted on the selvage, also seen Mao complete, German-Russian friendship and other issues on registered cover, personalities with Thalmann varieties, Marx souvenir sheets, etc, etc. A very useful collection, continuing comprehensively through to the 1970s. Please inspect, preferably with a Michel, page for page.


SOLD for $325.00
Will close during Public Auction before May-14, 06:02 PM

Extremely attractive mint collection, 1949 to the 1960s, on KaBe hingeless pages with no empty spaces and with everything in pristine mint never condition. The collection includes Bach series, DEBRIA souvenir sheet, Mao series, personalities with some specialisation inc. 80pf Thalmann dark blue on white and yellowish papers, Marx souvenir sheets perf and imperf complete and everything else. This is a collection for the perfectionist with tip-top quality througout.


SOLD for $725.00
Will close during Public Auction before May-14, 06:03 PM
4402 og/nh,   EAST GERMANY COLLECTION, 1949/90. Two well filled Scott albums, mostly mint with many NH and premium as (mint unless otherwise noted) 54-57A, 71-81, 82-84 used, 122-36, 144a-146a imperf, 187-204, 264a imperf, B21a, etc., generally fresh and F-VF. 400-600

SOLD for $250.00
Will close during Public Auction before May-14, 06:04 PM
Lot Symbol CatNo. Lot Description CV or Estimate
4403 ogO   GERMAN OFFICES ABROAD COLLECTION. Mostly mint in nicely filled set of Lighthouse hingeless pages, numerous better as (Scott nos., mint unless otherwise noted) Offices in China 1c, 2a-6a, 35 used, 36a, 53-56 mint and or used with some shade and overprint varieties, Offices in Morocco 1-6, 17-18 used, Offices in Turkey 1-3, 5-6, 30, 49-59, etc., nicely augmented with some shade and overprint varieties, usual mixed condition, mosst F-VF. 1,000-1,500

SOLD for $950.00
Will close during Public Auction before May-14, 06:05 PM
Lot Symbol CatNo. Lot Description CV or Estimate
4404 ogO   GERMAN COLONIES COLLECTION. Mostly mint in Lighthouse hingeless pagesand incl (Scott nos., mint unless otherwise noted) Cameroun 1-19, Caroline Isl 1-6, 3a used, 19 used (Jaschke-Lantelme cert), German East Africa 1-21, 21 used, German New Guinea 1-6, 19, German SW Africa 26-34 incl shades, Kiauchau 10-22 (20pf w/o gum), 30 used, 33-42, 41 used, Mariana Isl 11-29, Marshall Isl 3c used, 6-12, 25, Samoa 57-69 (10pf used), Togo 1-19, etc., various shade varieties throughout plus complete booklets of Cameroun, German East Africa and German SW Africa, usual mixed condition, most F-VF. 2,500-3,500

SOLD for $3,250.00
Will close during Public Auction before May-14, 06:05 PM
4405 ogO   GERMAN COLONIES STARTER COLLECTION. Mostly mint in a Scott album, includes some "post" colonial issues for some colonies and with better as ,(Scott nos., mint unless otherwise noted) Cameroun 1-6, German E. Africa 1-5 (10p on 20pf used), 6-21 used (2r mint), 31-41, N101-05, N118-21, NB1-9, German SW Africa 13-24 used, Kiauchau 19 used, 28-29, Mariana Isl 11-16, Marshall Isl 1-12, Samoa 69, 108-09 used, etc.,usual mixed condition, most F-VF. 1,300-1,600

SOLD for $1,600.00
Will close during Public Auction before May-14, 06:06 PM
Lot Symbol CatNo. Lot Description CV or Estimate
4406 ogO   GERMAN AREA COLLECTION. Mostly mint on pages and comprised of German States, WW I and WW II Occupations, Plebiscites, Saar, Danzig, Memel, etc., premium scattered throughout and incl useful Baden, Bavaria, Hannover, Prussia, Thurn and Taxis and Wurttemberg, Sudetenland, Occupation of Laibach, Serbia, Zara, additional better (mint unless otherwise noted) Austria "Lightning Blitz / Death Mask (latter with tear), ,Danzig 241-54 used, B21a used, France "Polar Bear" S/S NH (signed Pickenpack), Lithuania-Rossingen Mi 1 III-7 III NH, 9-11 NH, Montenegro 3N1-14 (many signed Krischke), Netherlands B144a-145a NH, Saar 16, 39, B1-53, B69-73 NH, C12, etc., usual mixed condition, mostly F-VF, well worth a close look. 3,000-4,000

SOLD for $5,750.00
Will close during Public Auction before May-14, 06:07 PM

Several hundred stamps mint and used, all of one a kind with no remaindering housed in a large fashioned album including a good range of German colonies with a good number of high values in excellent condition, hardly exposed to light. Also seen German Post Offices in Belgium, Poland, Romania as well as the 'abstimmungen', Allenstein, etc virtually complete. A similar pattern in WWII, with Alsace and Lorraine, Ukraine, General Gouvernment, Saar from first issue Germanias and better semi postals inc Volkshilfe mint never hinged sheet marginals, better gutter pairs ‘day of the stamp’, etc. Also good Danzig also with useful including 1937 miniature sheet superb used and much more. Viewing thoroughly recommended of this collection formed many decades ago, offered intact as received.


SOLD for $950.00
Will close during Public Auction before May-14, 06:08 PM
4408 ogO   GERMANY OCCUPATIONS AND PLEBISCITES COLLECTION. Starter collection in a moderately filled Schwaneberger album with range of Germany officials, WW I and WW II Occupations plus Saar, Danzig, Plebiscites, Foreign Offices and Colonies, etc., note some better as (mint unless otherwise indicated) DANZIG B9-11 used, C31-35 used, SAAR 99-116 used, etc., usual mixed condition, generally F-VF, owner's Scott $4,600+ 750-1,000

SOLD for $500.00
Will close during Public Auction before May-14, 06:09 PM
Lot Symbol CatNo. Lot Description CV or Estimate
4409 og/nh,   STRONG GREECE COLLECTION, 1861/1967. In a Kabe hingeless album, mixed mint and used to early 1900s and then mostly complete mint with mich NH after the 1930s, numerous premium incl (Scott nos., mint unless otherwise noted), nice assortment of used Large and Small Hermes heads incl 1-7 used (mixed condition), 14 unused, 14-15 used, 25-37 used, 55 used, 57-58, 65 used, 81-88, 95, 121-26, 144, 147 block, 153, 159-62, 165-79, 184-97 (few unused or regummed), 211a, 212a, 298, 321-24 (15d used), 338-61, 379 used, 416-24 NH, 427-39, C8-21, C38-47, C50e NH, strong post 1950s incl some of the popular 1950s commem sets (many NH), etc., usual mixed condition in classic period, generally fresh and F-VF, excellent foundation collection. 3,500-4,500

SOLD for $2,500.00
Will close during Public Auction before May-14, 06:10 PM
4410 og/nh   SUBSTANTIAL GREECE SELECTION. Mostly NH sets and singles still on over 120 auction cards with particular strength in the 1880s/1920s period and loaded with better items especially in the small Hermes Heads, ,1900 Surcharges and 1923 Overprints period, also numerous postal tax, occupation and annexation issues, Crete, Thrace and other related areas, many of the cards a premium and worth mentioning but space prohibits mentioning all of them but a few "teasers" would include Greece ,127, 137-38 pairs NH, 155-58, 159 broken "E" variety NH, 160 NH, 179-83, 214-31 NH, 280A block NH, Michel IV NH (unissued 1927 1L), Crete 54-58, 74-82, 96b block, O3-4 pairs, etc., some minor faults but generally F-VF, view to appreciate.ex-Rueger 3,000-5,000

SOLD for $7,250.00
Will close during Public Auction before May-14, 06:10 PM
4411 og/nh   GREECE MINT COLLECTION, 1901/90. Nicely filled Lighthouse hingeless album, ,nearly all NH and with numerous premium as 1901 1L-5Dr Mercury (most NH), 1917 1L-25Dr Iris (most NH), 1923 5L-10Dr Surcharges ,(Michel 239-96) mostly NH, 1927 5L-25Dr Definitives (most NH), 1927/28 Navarino NH, 1930 ,Independence NH, 1933 Zeppelin NH, 1933 50L-50Dr Airmails NH, 1933 General Airpost Service NH, 1934 Athens Stadium NH, essentially complete NH after 1935, generally fresh and F-VF, ideal for continuation.ex-Rueger 2,500-3,500

SOLD for $3,000.00
Will close during Public Auction before May-14, 06:11 PM

Collection in three well-filled albums with ,20th ,century comprehensive from the 1920s onwards, as well as good ,19th ,century starting with eleven large Hermes heads mostly four margined, then small Hermes heads imperfs to 1d gray organised by printings, the 10 lepta orange perf issue on cover single usage of 1894, followed by a 20 lepta rose postal stationery envelope used in 1895. Then the turn of the century surcharges on Hermes heads with a useful range, leading on to the Hermes with hat defins inc. 1912/22 25dr blue mint, 1923 revolution surcharges complete mint on regular issues of Greece (except for the 10d on 10d), 1927 Acropolis series complete mint to the 25dr, 12927/28 Navarino series complete mint, 1930 independence centenary complete mint, 1933 high values mint inc. 100d brown and green Youth of Marathon, 1934 Athens stadium mint, 1940 Youth Organisation regulars and airs complete mint, then continuing virtually complete in mint series through to the 1990s. The back of book is also strong with 1926 airposts complete mint with the 3dr also on cover, Zeppelins and all other 1933 issues complete, etc, further colorful airpost covers of the 1930s, as well as useful complete mint series for postal tax, North Epirus, etc, etc. A most attractive collection with virtually everything in tip-top condition, completely uncataloged.


SOLD for $1,500.00
Will close during Public Auction before May-14, 06:11 PM

Very much an old time collection, with several hundred stamps, mint and used, as sent to us on several dozen album pages and a broken binder. Starting off with Hermes Heads Paris printings through to Athens, mostly 4 margined examples through to postage dues, with a better range than normally encountered of these tough stamps from 1875 onwards, inc key values 20l mint to 2dr, then perforated 8 1/2, 9 1/2 again with key values inc 90l and 200l mint, also perf 11 ½, by 13 complete etc. Collection unfolds with small Hermes Heads perf and imperf with about 30 different examples, ,1st ,Olympic games to 5dr used, there is a 10dr but we believe this to be a very good reference example, further imperf Hermes Heads o/ps, followed by the surcharges on Olympics to 5dr, then the ,2nd ,series complete to 5dr, as well as the ,3rd ,Olympic games to 5dr complete #154 to #197. The ,20th ,century fairly comprehensive inc mint 1913 'cross in clouds' 10 and 25dr, followed by many o/ps on the 1917 types, lots of better to investigate, especially if you have a specialised Greek catalog. Further Iris o/ps to 25dr and much more inc Zepps complete, 1933 airmials complete mint, both series #C8 to #C14, #C15 to #C21, etc. Then from 1934 onwards inc key airmail #C34 to #C47 and much more filling up the pages through to the modern era. There is also a further section of Epirus, Albania, Thrace, Greek occupation of Turkey, Lemnos inc error, Crete with 5dr 1900 as well as 5dr 1905, etc, etc. Condition occasionally mixed on the classics, yet overall a most interesting collection with much more here to discover and a recommended viewing.


SOLD for $1,150.00
Will close during Public Auction before May-14, 06:12 PM
4414 ogO   GREECE COLLECTION, 1861/1944. Mostly mint in a Kabe hingeless album with some premium as (Scott nos., mint unless otherwise noted) useful starter group of used Large and Small Hermes Heads, 124-25, 126-27 used, 160-61, 195, 196-97 used, 338-43, 381, 416-26, C1-21, C38-47, etc., usual mixed condition in early issues, mostly F-VF, excellent for continuation. 500-750

SOLD for $675.00
Will close during Public Auction before May-14, 06:12 PM
4415 ogO   GREECE OCCUPATIONS and GREEK AREA COLLECTION. Mostly mint in mounts on Palo pages and incl useful from Lemnos, Samos, "New Greece", North Epirus-Albania incl Scott N219-28 NH, N229-38 mint, CRETE 80-81 mint, Thrace, etc., usual mixed condition, most F-VF, nice starter collection. 200-300

SOLD for $750.00
Will close during Public Auction before May-14, 06:18 PM
Lot Symbol CatNo. Lot Description CV or Estimate
4416 nh   GREENLAND MINT NH COLLECTION, 1938/2001. Complete (no parcel post) in Lighthouse hingeless pages plus Thule local issue set, some Christmas seal sheets and three of the parcel post official reprint sheets, etc., mostly VF.ex-Rueger 750-1,000

SOLD for $750.00
Will close during Public Auction before May-14, 06:19 PM
Lot Symbol CatNo. Lot Description CV or Estimate
4417 ogO   GUATEMALA BALANCE WITH A POLAND BONUS. Some 1980s mint sheets and a melange of 100s and 100s of mostly early to mid 20th century mint and used on misc. pages, in envelopes, stock sheets, glassines, etc., usual mixed condition, bonus a Poland starter collection on quadrille pages with some covers and few useful pre-WW II issues, most F-VF.  ,




SOLD for $190.00
Will close during Public Auction before May-14, 06:19 PM
Lot Symbol CatNo. Lot Description CV or Estimate

One man's collection, mainly mint, housed in a Minkus album with many hundreds of stamps from 1881 onwards. The collection also includes postal history from the early 20th century onwards including flight covers, interesting censored mail, etc. In the stamps there are extensive overprints and surcharges to investigate, including the 1906 the 'en piastres fortes' provisionals and then virtually no empty spaces from the 1930s through to the modern era. Scott on Haiti is vastly underrated compared to its availability on the market, this presumably will change over time. An original collection, especially for the attractive postal history, well integrated within it. Please inspect carefully page for page, much more here than described.


SOLD for $550.00
Will close during Public Auction before May-14, 06:19 PM
Lot Symbol CatNo. Lot Description CV or Estimate
4419 og/nh   HUNGARY, AN IMPORTANT SPECIALIZED TEMESVAR COLLECTION, A fabulous vintage collection of the Temesvar overprints for the 1919 Romanian Occupation, recently unearthed after many decades, comprised mainly of full sheets of 100 on quadrille album pages. Not only are almost all the basic types represented as well as the better varieties in large multiples too, but also rare errors not listed in Scott in incredible part sheet format. Perhaps the best is the 30f on 2f brown orange with inverted surcharge in blue (#4N1 var.), rare as a single stamp let alone a half sheet of fifty plus separated strip of five. The Scott retail for the red o/p inverted hinged is $25 &ndash, ludicrously low even for the listed variety. Another error is the inverted 3k on 2f gray and red (#4N5 var.) in a part sheet of sixty, with no such inverted variety listed in Scott in either black or blue. Then there is a part sheet of 40 of the 3k on 2f gray and red with blue surcharge variety (#4N5a) and a full sheet of the 40f on 15f+2f violet postage due with red surcharge (#4NJ1a), etc. There are a few light creases and perf separations as to be expected and mentioned for accuracy&rsquo,s sake only. This is a phenomenal old-time hoard, with possibly unique multiples of errors that seem to have gone under the radar of the experts for almost 100 years. An extremely exciting lot for the Hungarian specialist.


SOLD for $3,000.00
Will close during Public Auction before May-14, 06:20 PM

Housed in two very thick KA/BE albums, these two collections are replete with superb used, regular and then imperforate, with the latter often accompanying the former in parallel format. Also seen imperforate series on covers as well as m/s, and even booklets, se-tenants sheets and other material stuffed on the sides, much of these were bought as individual auction lots. In our opinion imperforates used are far scarcer used than mint, as they have low printing numbers and used of course is seldom seen. A great collection of these issues, needs a little work as some of the m/s are still in their original individual auction lots, needing a little work to integrate into this substantial collection.


SOLD for $1,700.00
Will close during Public Auction before May-14, 06:20 PM
4421 nh   HUNGARY 1930s/80s IMPERFORATES ASSORTMENT. 100s of NH sets, singles, S/S incl variety of colorful topicals and little duplication, numerous premium incl 403-14, 422-41, 468-79, 481-85, 851-55, 889-90+C65, 997-99, 1202a, 1385-88, 1388 sheet of four, 1392-99 sheets of four, 1491 (2), 1585a, 1828-34, 2239, 2268, 2280 sheetlet, 2514, B77-79, B88-91, B310a, B311, C71-79, C96-106, C128, C166, C250, etc., fresh and Very Fine, desirable collection of these scarce issues (Scott $13,100+)ex-Rueger 2,000-3,000

SOLD for $3,000.00
Will close during Public Auction before May-14, 06:21 PM
4422 og/nh   HUNGARY MINT GROUP. Mostly NH sets, singles and S/S of the 1930s/80s with many still on original sales or auction sheets, ,loaded with premium incl (NH unless otherwise noted) 96a, 462-65, 467, 486(2), 855b, 871-84, 906-10 imperf, 917-19 imperf, 1035 perf and imperf, 1182 perf and imperf, 2280 sheet of six plus labels, B18-34, B80-87, B144-47 sheets of ten, B148a-150a perf and imperf, ,B205 sheet of ten, C12-34, C81 perf and imperf, CB1D, CB2, etc., generally fresh and F-VF, huge retail potential or fills alot of tough spaces in your album.ex-Rueger 1,500-2,000

SOLD for $2,100.00
Will close during Public Auction before May-14, 06:22 PM
4423 ogO, c   HUNGARY COLLECTION 1871-1994. Hinged, NH (in mounts) and used, collection mounted neatly on clean pages in 2 Scott National 3 ring albums, with most stamps in the classic era used, then transiting to mint and used (CTO) to 1970's, mostly mint after. Mostly complete collection of singles and souvenir sheets with many better sets from regular to postage dues, then moderately filled in occupation issues. A wonderful collection for expansion. 1,500-2,500

SOLD for $800.00
Will close during Public Auction before May-14, 06:22 PM

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